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2 September 2002

This was going to go in a different direction, and may actually go nowhere because of the circumstances, but let me try it anyway.

It's time for me to bond with tools. Though there are those who will cringe in horror at the idea of me actually wielding any implement that is used to take apart, put together, or bang anything (and you know who you are, pkc), I've managed to live nearly 60 years without feeling comfortable with a tool in my hand--and it's time to change that.

It was going to be such an uncomplicated morning. I was going to go out at 6:30 and ride 8-10 miles, then come home, type for a bit, and then go to Sacramento to work a street fair until time to meet Walt's family to celebrate his mother's 89th birthday.

At 6:30 or there abouts, I gathered all my stuff...I'm getting this down to a science now. On weekends when I bike alone, I take a camera with me. When I'm with someone else, they are a bit impatient (and rightfully so) when I want to stop and take pictures of dead butterflies or bunny rabbits hopping across an empty field or an interesting piece of architecture that strikes my fancy.

But on Saturdays when I know I'm just biking in Davis, I pack my bottle of water, my camera, and my cell phone, put on my new gel-filled biking gloves (supposed to prevent numb hands. They lie), put on my helmet, sneak out the front door, and take to the bike paths.

So I did all of that, packed up the basket on the back of my bike, and wheeled the bike out to the driveway, preparing to hop on.

That's when I noticed that the tire was flat as a pancake. Not only was it flat, it had even come off the rim. Obviously there would be no bike riding for me this morning. I also had to be in Sacramento at 10, which is when the bike store opened, so I wasn't able to go down and get a bike tube for the bike either.

Normally, I would have just asked Walt to fix it for me while I was gone, since he would have several hours at home. But I am determined that if I'm going to become a bike rider, I'm also going to have to learn to become a bike fixer. (I am woman--hear me roar!) Haggie's been telling me the two of us need to get together to practice fixing tires (as she did with someone on her Monday night ride group), but I haven't quite made it to her house yet. Now it appears I'm going to have to learn the technique here in Davis.

The plan was that I would get the tire fixed this evening, after the celebration for Walt's mother's birthday, but it's beginning to look like Walt won't be home in time to help my fumbling fingers do what they need to learn to do so I'll be able to do it again in the inevitable event of having to do this when I'm out in the country somewhere.

I was afraid this would cancel my bike ride with Cindy tomorrow, since I now probably won't get the tire fixed until tomorrow, but she's bringing me her daughter's bike, so I'll go out anyway. And then fix the tire later.

There should, actually, be a nice funny story in all of this, but there isn't, since all I've done is to make plans to fix the tire. I haven't actually put a tool in my hands and begun hacking away at the tire itself. THAT is a tale for tomorrow!

sykesladder.JPG (36475 bytes)However, with or without a 10 mile bike ride to start the day, it was a full one. I worked for 2 hours at the Breaking Barriers booth for the Gay Pride festival. Then I met Walt and his family at their mother's, where we chatted a bit and then went to see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." We're probably the last people in the country to see this movie, judging by the fact that everyone any one of us has told we planned to see the movie has raved about it. I can now join the raving crowds. It's a wonderful, fun afternoon in the theatre. Go see it.

We then went to the bar area of one of Sacramento's nicer restaurants, where we had drinks (I had Calistoga) and hors d’oeuvres (half a teeny crab take and a crab-stuffed mushroom) and then did the inevitable "long goodbye" that Walt's family is so famous for. Walt then took his mother and sister home and I hitched a ride with Walt's brother and his wife, so I could ge some work done around here (as well as moan about not having a tire on my bike).

It was a lovely surprise to come home to e-mail letting me know that the entry which was nominated for Best Collab for this quarter...won. Thank all of you who voted for me!!

Quote of the Day

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Picture of the Day

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Grandma has a virgin pina colada
to celebrate her 89th birthday


One Year Ago
Confessions of a Klutz
I think I finally have it right. After about the bazillionth time. I am such an incredible klutz.

(not an auspicious entry for someone who is about to take tools to a bike tire!)

Two Years Ago
Bottles of Chance
But when the e-mail came this afternoon informing me that I had won both categories for which I was nominated, I will admit that I wasn’t sad about it. It was nice to feel it was an honest win. And considering the caliber of the work of my co-nominees, I am very proud to have received the most votes.

And I feel the same way this year too!!!

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