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10 October 2002

I'm feeling out of shape. No kidding. It's been a week since I rode either bike, it's been a week since I went to the club, I was eating "normally" for a couple of days (with a few more "normal" days coming up), I gained weight.

The problem is total lack of incentive, energy, desire, or anything else. When you feel like shit, it's difficult to convince your body that getting up and moving is just a really gee whiz FUN thing to think about doing. It's also hard to convince your body that broccoli is a comfort food.

All I can say is it's a damn good thing for Dr. G that I'm conscientious. Around 4 a.m. this morning, as I was leaning my head on the monitor, coughing, and wrapping up in a blanket because I was so chilled, I decided that I must be out of my mind.

(comments not invited here, and this means YOU, bionic one!)

I worked all day yesterday and was going to come home and catch up on transcription, but Walt had brought the bios home from the theatre to be typed for the upcoming production of Candide, which opens in two days. So instead of doing work-typing, I did volunteer-typing, thinking I'd do work-typing when I finished, but by the time I finished, I really had hit the wall and just wanted to sleep.

I set the alarm for 4 hours and climbed under a blanket and was asleep in seconds.

I actually woke up before the alarm went off--it was the coughing that woke me up. I seem to have a voice again, but the cough has moved deep into my chest, as coughs always do for me, and at the same time, all of my precious bodily fluids have decided to leak out my nostrils.

I must make a lovely picture, wrapped up in an oversized jacket (which used to be too small), hunched over a hot computer keyboard, a mountain of used Kleenex in front of me, and trying to get through another coughing spasm. At 3:30, I called Cindy to let her know that I would not be biking today either. (It's nice that I can call her office at 3 a.m. and know that she'll be there working!)

I'm trying to find a plus in all of this (you know me--Ms. Pollyanna. Look on the bright side). As another coughing spasm wracks my body, I feel my stomach muscles tighten and the rest of my body go into automatic Kegels.


That's it!

This is another form of exercise. It's strengthening my stomach muscles (they're rock hard whenever I cough--surely that counts for something!) My Kegels work so well that I'm considering tossing away the Depends.

I haven't quite figured out the plus of all the fluid leaking out of my nose or that tight band pressing around my head, but I'm sure I'll find one. 'Cuz I'm that kinda guy. Maybe all the nose juice is just to make sure that Dr. G realizes how very sick I am and might actually be passingly sympathetic as he rushes past my desk headed for his pouch of vitamin C and echinacea. I mean, you can hardly accuse me of faking it when I'm going through Kleenex faster than a kitten with a roll of toilet paper.

He actually talked a bit about emergency coverage for me in cases of being sick. I never thought of this as a need, since I haven't been sick for years. But then I've also been hiding in my little home office for years. Now I've emerged from the coccoon and am back in the world, so my body has to readjust to all the germs out there.

In the meantime, I'm going to concentrate on doing a few reps of deep chest hacking and stomach clenching and hope I can burn enough calories to make up for not biking 9 miles this morning.


Quote of the Day

... we tell ourselves that pestilence is a mere bogy of the mind, a bad dream that will pass away. But it doesn't always pass away and, from one bad dream to another, it is men who pass away...

~ Camus

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One Year Ago
Such a Beautiful Day
A plane flew overhead and my eyes were compulsively drawn to the Bank of America building, the tallest building in San Francisco. Oh, it wouldn't make an easy target. It's not THAT tall, but I couldn't help but think about it being on a terrorist's "must destroy" list...or perhaps the Golden Gate Bridge. The events of 9/11 have changed my ability to appreciate a beautiful view.

Two Years Ago
The Care and Feeding of Steve
the three of us realized that while this place comes with a nice continental breakfast, there will be nothing there that Steve can eat, so Ken and I went out searching for food to stock the refrigerator with. Trying to find a supermarket in a strange town in the rain after dark is a neat trick when you haven't a clue where you're going.

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