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7 October 2002

"What do we want?"
"When do we want it?"

A ragtaggle band of protesters made their way up Sutter St. as I sat at a sidewalk cafe with Terry and Jenna.

"I was in Berkeley in the 60s," I said to Jenna. "This is pathetic."

More chanting came from down the street and a naked woman, sneared with what appeared to be mud, and wearing some sort of flimsy drape on her head was carrying a large effigy of Saddam Hussein. Cameras at the next table started clicking and a woman stared, slack-jawed, at the nudity. (I suspect the actual message got lost in the imagery!)

kymmkiss.JPG (27151 bytes)
Kymm kisses young Vic --
(just before Spitting Guy
hurled one at Haggie)

It was Sunday morning in San Francisco and Journalcon 2002 was winding down. We had attended morning sessions, one on "life after journaling," presented by Diane, Eleanor and Jane, 3 women who had given up journaling and discovered salsa dancing, motherhood, weight loss, and a life beyond the computer monitor.

I was torn between the panel about "writing about sex in your journal" and one on "on- line personas in the post-Kaycee era." In the end I went with on-line personas (and kinda wondered what all the guffawing from the next room was about).

I skipped the Pamie Panel, since I've never read Pamie and it wasn't clear what the session was to be about. Instead several of us hung out in the Palm room, checking out the new swag, finishing off the cookies, talking about--what else?--journals and journaling, and taking Amanda's guided tour through the edible treats of Australia (the TimTams were wonderful, but I probably won't be lining up to get the next shipment of Musk. The jury is still out on the Vomit Crumble.).

NoTerri.JPG (30294 bytes)
2 Boobs missing Terri

At lunch, people went off in several different directions; I wandered around by myself, checking out the sidewalk vendors and a shoe sale. From the direction of Market St., I could hear the sound of an open air operatic concert.

crabbyhag.JPG (31802 bytes)
Haggie having crab at Fisherman's Wharf
(photo from Day #1)

The whole experience was the best San Francisco had to offer on a September day. JournalCon participants who have never been to San Francisco have no idea how fortunate they were. The weather both days was absolutely perfect. More beautiful than I have seen the city in a long time. Not a cloud in the sky. So warm we didn't even need a jacket on the boat to Alcatraz yesterday (unheard of!). Air clear and clean. The chance of hitting those conditions a second time are astronomical!

Which brings us back to the sidewalk cafe, the protesters, Jenna and Terry. We finished our lunch/cig/Pepsi/ or whatever each of us was having and returned to the conference, where the second day of readings were to take place.

jake.JPG (20787 bytes)
Jake eats McDonald's

Kymmreads.JPG (23943 bytes)
Kymm reviews Vincent D'Onofrio

uterus.JPG (22063 bytes)
Mo and Wendy (Weetabix) --
dialog with Wendy's uterus

Most of the conference attendees were gone--whether still lost in San Francisco (perhaps caught in the traffic of the Castro Street Faire), or already on their way home. But we had a couple of readings, Carli announced "the end" of the con and everyone gathered up their schedules, their swag, and their luggage and moved the party down into the lobby.

Haggie and I had planned to give a mini tour of the city to Amanda, Renee and Terry, but Amanda, Renee and Haggie hadn't made it back from lunch yet. We sat and waited until it began to get late, then, since Terry had a plane to catch, she and I took off for a whirlwind trip around San Francisco and out to the airport.

Amanda.JPG (47454 bytes)
Amanda and the GG bridge (picture from Day #1)

So I've now attended my first JournalCon. I've come home with burning lungs, a raw throat, a horrible cough, and a congested head.  I guess that must mean I had a wonderful time.

It was definitely an experience, and so nice to meet so many fellow journalers.  The organizers -- Beth, Carli, Jane, Jen, Lucy and Monique (Mo?  Boobs?  Remember?) just did a fantastic job of organizing the whole event, setting up interesting panels, adding fun events, and making sure we all stayed well fed and hydrated throughout the two days.  Thanks, guys!

Quote of the Day

Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.

~Morrie Schwartz

Photo of the Day

Vic.JPG (31189 bytes)

Just before the baby exploded


One Year Ago
Inertia Challenge
So, Pauline....what did you learn about me? As for "the contents of my purse" or "what's in your refrigerator," we'll save that for another entry.

Two Years Ago
Light Just One Little Candle
Thank God we didn’t play cutesy games. I have purchased a lot of Tupperware over the years, but the thing that has saved my pocketbook more than anything are the stupid games you have to play. They may be ice breakers. For me they are the world’s biggest turnoff.

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