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18 May 2002

Yeah--it seems like I have to write about Kraft dinner today. The original kind in the small boxes, with the powdered cheese.

It was one of David's favorite meals. He'd come home and make and eat a whole box of it before dinner, on the days when he was living here.

When we were talking about what to serve at his memorial service, we agreed that no matter what else was being served, there had to be Kraft dinner. There was a huge vat of it. There was a ton of other food that people had been kind enough to bring. Nobody in the family really could eat that awful day, but we all managed to get a plate of Kraft dinner. I think we were the only ones who actually ate any.

Why am I talking about Kraft dinner? Because this is the 6th anniversary of David's death, and it brings to a close the "bad half" of the year, which starts with Thanksgiving, goes through Christmas, the birthdays of both Paul and David, Paul's anniversary and now David's. It's clear sailing--no emotional anniversaries to deal with--from now until November.

There will be no Kraft dinner for this anniversary because we're having dinner in San Francisco with some friends from CompuServe, but I'm sure someone in the family will be having Kraft dinner.

The thing about "death anniversary rituals," is that as the time passes, somehow they seem less and less important. And in its own way, that hurts. David would have been 30 if he were still alive. I just can't picture David as 30. He remains permanently frozen at 24.

I miss you, Dave.

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Life goes's this week's Friday Five - "Give me a head with hair"

1. What shampoo do you use?

Prell. I've used Prell most of my adult life. I had some bad years when I couldn't find it anywhere, but once it appeared on the shelves again, I was back using Prell once again. I guess I just like green.

2. Do you use conditioner? What kind?

Nope. No conditioner. (Besides, here we have softened water and it's hard enough toget soap through your hair. If I used conditioner, I'd have constantly greasy-looking hair.)

3. When was the last time you got your hair cut?

Uh...four months ago? It's due. I get it cut at SuperCuts and it's just a matter of making time to get in for another cut.

4. What styling products do you use?

A brush. Period.

5. What's your worst hair-related experience?


Quote of the Day

Loved ones don't vanish with death; they become invisible, but their shadows go on falling upon the living, waiting to continue the dialogue.

--Alain Draeger

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