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11 May 2002

There must be.

I had a couple of real wackos call the office today. The first was a woman who had seen Dr. G's ad several times and was thinking of making an appointment, but first she had a few questions: where did he go to medical school? Did Sutter Hospital recognize him as a "real" doctor? How long has he lived in the area? Does he own a house in Davis? Is he married? Does he have any children? Why did he graduate in 1968, but have a 5 year old son? And finally (she apologized for asking this) -- is he black.

I guess he passed all the questions because she did make an appointment. I'll be curious to see what comes through the door on Monday!

The second call was even more weird. This woman said she had picked up an old copy of Sacramento Magazine and saw the ad and she wanted to let me know that she was very healthy and never went to doctors, but that she had seen in the ad that Dr. G specialized not only in perimenopausal issues, PMS, and other things, but that he also specialized in sexuality issues (he does couples counseling). She said that she'd been thinking about it and she finally realized that it's not that gay men hate women, gay men really hate men, and she came to this conclusion because they go to the bath houses in San Francisco and prey on other men.

My mouth was kind of hanging open and I said, "...and this concerns Dr." She said that if he was doing sexual counseling, she felt he should know about her revelation concerning gay men. I pointed out that Dr. G is a gynecologist and she said "Yes, but if he deals in sexuality issues, I figured he was interested in sexual things." When I explained that he really didn't see men as patients, she got very huffy and hung up on me.

I must admit that was a first for me.

It's been a varied day today. Yesterday my new toy arrived. Peggy and I decided I needed an upgraded digital camera and she found a good one (Olympus C700) on eBay at a price we couldn't resist. I had received word that it was being delivered yesterday, and I stayed home all day waiting for the delivery, which came about 30 minutes after we left to go to Sacramento for dinner.

I had a little bit of time to play with the new camera (for "play," read "attempt to begin to learn how to operate it!) in the evening and took a couple of pictures--but low light conditions are not the best to get the best out of a new camera, so I took it with me up to the club and then took some pictures when I did my ride on the Greenbelt afterwards.

bikepathstitchsm.jpg (44141 bytes)

I love this view of the path when I get to it in the morning--
still deserted, with the sound of the birds in the trees.

I even took a picture of the dreaded Overpass.

TheOverpasssm.JPG (51680 bytes)

(See how wimpy it really is?)

Nice thing is that I was feeling strong this morning and after taking this photo, I attacked the incline and made it to the top without even downshifting. That's a first too!

Most of the morning was spent at a diabetes class on diabetic retinopathy--teaching us how not to go blind with this disease. I actually learned a lot, which was very nice. But nicest of all was getting my next set of numbers. My A1C, which measures how your blood sugar is handling things over a 3-month period of time, had dropped one point. It was already in the "good" range, and the drop was even better. Yay me! All of my numbers were good, which made me feel even better about all this fun I'm having doing exercise and stuff. It seems that every single class on anything stresses exercise. It's wonderful not to have to feel guilty about not doing it any more!

They also took my blood pressure. My last reading by Dr. G was something like 140/90. Today it was 135/78. I'll take THAT!

The afternoon ended with a stock-up tour of the local supermarket. I used to wonder what people were thinking about all the fatty stuff the fat lady had in her cart. I thought about that as I loaded the check-out belt with broccoli, peppers, onions, grapes, apples, non-fat bread, yogurt, etc. Nothing to be embarrassed about there.

So the week is ending on a good note.

Hope everyone has a good weekend--and all the moms have a wonderful mother's day!

Quote of the Day

I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them.

--Diane Arbus

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Taken with the new camera

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