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2 March 2002

poppins.gif (2939 bytes)A newscaster this morning called this a "Mary Poppins kind of day." He was referring to the wind blustering through this part of the state right now. I thought it was a great term to use--but can't remember there being any big wind associated with Mary Poppins. Still, this is a Mary Poppins kind of day.

We went to a show in Sacramento last night and nearly blew off the causeway on the way back to Davis, the wind was so strong (up to 40 mph, 70 in some places). When we drove through Davis, after getting off the freeway, it was like driving through a tornado. There were branches down all over town and Walt had to weave in and out through them as he drove down the streets.

Once inside the house, the wind howled outside and anything that was not weighted down was long gone. It was a night to hunker down under a heavy blanket.

The wind is a bit less this morning--at least it's not howling--but it's still strong enough that as I drive around town, there are tarps flapping everywhere, like the city is one gigantic wash line. Tree limbs and leaves still litter the streets.

The one advantage to a day like this, though, is that the air is crystal clear. It's the kind of day when I wish I had business in San Francisco. On a day like this, the city puts on its best face. It sparkles from every angle. I love the drive down I-80 headed for the Bay Bridge. There is a point where you come up over an overpass. You look down on Golden Gate Fields racetrack, and beyond that the city spreads out before you, the Bay Bridge to your left, the Golden Gate bridge to your right.

On a day like today, that view would be spectacular. The water on the bay would sparkle as the sun bounced off the waves. And I would take it all in, proud to call it "my city."

But I'm not headed to San Francisco. I'm here in Davis and can only appreciate the view of the snow-capped Sierras off in the distance. Amazing how on a clear day they look so much closer.

Look Ma, no Cavities!

Had a dental appointment today. I love my dentist. I've talked about my dental problems before, and how I came to love my dentist. I've been going to Cindy for several years now and can say that in all that time (through cavities and root canal and crowns and all that good stuff), I've never been uncomfortable. With an office that is primarily women (women dentists, hygienists, assistants, and, until today, clerical staff), the radio going, and open dental areas, where you can talk with the person working on the patient in the next cubicle, it's always like going to the beauty parlor--or at least what I remember of going to the beauty parlor, before I started paying Super Cuts to chop off my hair when necessary.

Cindy tells me that my new lifestyle and its eating habits are doing good things for my mouth. Good for me!

And then, to continue this "taking care of myself" day, I picked up a glucometer, so I can start measuring my blood sugar. I'm still not 100% convinced that I really have diabetes. The first two test numbers (one before, one after lunch) certainly don't indicate that. But we'll wait till the result of my next fasting glucose test (next week) and then see if my new lifestyle is helping that diagnosis as well.


pilobolus.jpg (4876 bytes)Anybody ever see the Pilobolus Dance Troupe? We had free tickets to one of their shows last night (even though it was like a busman's holiday, I was able to enjoy it more because I knew I didn't have to rush home and write a review of it).

The dance company is amazing. It's kind of impossible to describe--I'm sitting here trying to find the words. Suffice to say, if you ever get the chance to attend a performance, I highly recommend it.

Tonight we attended the opening of a production of Carnival. To be charitable, it was not a wonderful night of theatre. Walt's comment when we were walking back to the car: "I'm glad I don't have to review it!"

The winds are dying down and the weather people say that it's going to be a lovely weekend. You might say it's going to be supercalafragelisticexpialadocious.


Quote of the Day

In spite of our pain, each of us has one thing we do that brings us a bit of joy, no matter how small. We must identify that act, nurture it, and through its repetition allow ourselves to feel joy again. Through it, we may find new purpose and happiness and realize at last that such glimmers of joy make it possible for us simultaneously to ache and to bloom.

-Charlene Baldridge

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