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15 June 2002

stairs.JPG (27350 bytes)Do you think we need new carpet?

I've loved this plush brown carpet, which was installed when we built this house in 1973. In the last few years, it's started to look a bit threadbare and in some spots, downright dangerous, as I've caught my foot more than once on a torn edge of carpeting.

As so often happens, we've put it off and put it off and put it off, but today we finally decided to go looking for new carpeting.

Actually, it was Ned and Marta who inspired us. They have a "theatre room" in their new house, a room they've painted dark blue and carpeted with a mottled blue rug. (They also have theatre seats in there and their large screen TV, and it's where they watch movies.) I immediately knew that carpet--or something like it--was what I wanted for the stairs. (No more of this solid color that shows every thread and every speck of dust.) Walt had already painted the walls a white with a hint of blue in it (it was called "Wistful Memory" or something like that). A rug similar to what Ned and Marta had would be a perfect complement

So off we went to a carpet store in Woodland. We may take years to make up our mind to actually go shopping, but once we decide that, it takes about 3 minutes to choose what we're looking for. This is the rug we picked out:

rugstairs.JPG (24789 bytes)

The rug guy will be out next Friday to measure the stairs, give us an estimate and set up an install date. Hardly seems possible that after all these years we're finally replacing the threadbare carpet!

It's been an otherwise rather dull day. I've been trying to slog through transcription (as always) and took a nap in the afternoon, in preparation for reviewing Sweeny Todd tonight. For once I'd love not to have to struggle to stay awake during a show.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Haggie (and perhaps Secra and David) for another ride on the Iron Horse trail. This time I'm determined to make at least 20 miles (assuming we aren't fighting wind). Olivia and Mo were going to go with us as well. Mo isn't able to because of working hours, and Olivia may be swamped. The jury is still out on that until tomorrow morning. But I'm looking forward to hitting the trail again.

Haggie has been hard at work on the Boob website (check out our pictures from the Ride Against Hunger). We have new members signing up and she just set up a discussion board. I'm very excited about this new burb we've started and hope that it gets people interested in dusting off their bikes and hitting the trail again, whether with us here in California, or in their own area elsewhere.

Olivia just called me with the statement from the Bishops today, stating that the church is about "reconciliation," not ousting brother priests.  I am so angry I can't see straight. 


Quote of the Day

We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am leaving this quote from yesterday for another day, in honor of those bastards in Roman collars who refuse to do the right thing and who have today chosen to fuck the victims one more time.


Picture of the Day

capenv.JPG (22634 bytes)

This is the sight I see every day when the psychiatrist leaves work for me.  Nothing makes my heart sink more than pulling into the driveway after a long day of work and seeing another of those damn envelopes hanging on the "in-box"

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