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1 June 2002

"Biking?" Did they say "biking?"

I was passing through the family room on my way to check the progress on dinner and I overheard a newscaster talking about some bike ride to raise money to combat hunger.

"Hmmmm...." I thought.

I missed most of the specifics, but did catch the tail end of the announcement, which let me know that I could get more information on the TV station's web site.

I promptly filed the information away and forgot about it.

But then this morning I decided I'd check it out. Turns out KXTV's Ride Against Hunger, a 5, 16, or 30 mile bike next weekend to raise money for the hungry in Sacramento County.

Could I...? Do I dare...?

I could. I do.

Now which? 5 miles? Easy. No problem at all. Also no challenge.

16 miles? I did 17 once before. Could I do 16? On a hot Sacramento morning?

I sat here with my finger on the "register" button. It was so tempting. Me. In an athletic event. Oh my!!

The web site mentions nothing about terraine (but how hilly can it be? This is Sacramento, for god's sake!) But to be sure, I called the information line to see if I could at least find out what the route is.

The information line turns out to be a recording by one of the newscasters.

She made it sound very appealing.

I sent off a general message to the Boobs. Olivia, Haggie, Secra, Mo—anybody interested?

Predictably, Haggie answered almost by return email (boy is email wonderful for someone who is a queen of instant gratification!). "I'll do it with you," she said.

Great! I'll have someone to ride with.  (I'll even forgive her for writing in her journal today, "since Bev had already signed up for the 16 mile ride, I had a built-in excuse to slack. Besides, it's going to be in Sacramento, next weekend. Which means that we'll be facing temps in the 90's to 100's. So I probably don't want to try killing myself on that particular day.")

I'll have my new biking shorts and will be sitting in jellied maxipad comfort.

I'll have my camel back for carrying ice water on my back, so I can hydrate or die.

The TV station will provide an emergency help wagon waiting on the side lines if I positively poop out.

I'm really jazzed. Me! In an ATHLETIC EVENT!!!!

Haggie and I are going out riding on Saturday to practice (assuming my bowels don't explode again). Can I now officially say "I'm in training?"

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And speaking of athletic events, Tom's sweetie Laurel is going to be running her first marathon this Sunday.

The Suzuki Rock 'n' Roll Marathon was the largest first-time marathon in history. Created by a team of running and entertainment celebrities, there are rock 'n' roll bands at every mile and an evening concert with rock 'n' roll headliner Sugar Ray. The course is among the country's finest and fastest.

She's been training for weeks and we're so proud of her! You go, Girl!!!

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(for anyone who is needing some extra encouragement at sticking with an eating or exercise plan, I encourage you to go read Bozoette today. It will make you feel good about what you're doing. Check her entry the day before too.)


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