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29 January 2002

So much for on-line personality tests. I read about "The Dead Russian Composer test"  on Mimi Smartypants. I should have suspected something when they spelled Tchaikovsky "Chaikovsky". But what the heck--I'm always up for an interesting personality inventory.

Turns out the test shows I'm Igor Stravinsky. This is my description:

You are Igor Stravinsky. Known as a true son of the new 20th Century, your music started out melodic and folky but slowly got more dissonant and bizzare as you aged. You are a traveler and a neat freak, and very much hated those rotten eggs thrown at you after the premiere of "The Rite of Spring."

First of all, I hated Rite of Spring because I hate dissonant music. Mostly because I don't understand it and am not willing to learn. It hurts my ears too much.

But....a neat freak????. Well, so much for on line personality tests!

Today, my task, which I chose to accept, was to make a dent in the chaos around here. My friend Mike is fond of referring to his "shrine to unfolded laundry." Piker. I have him beat all to heck. I'm not sure how it got this high, but it's obvious that I can't possibly do another load of clothes until I Do Something.

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I'm going through laundry faster these days. Now that I'm working out at the club each morning (let me say that again, just 'cuz it sounds so weird: Now that I'm working out at the club each morning), I need clothes to sweat in and then clothes to work in.

6 a.m. this morning found me at the club, the second person to sign in. I had to get there early because I wanted to get off the recumbant bicycle before Joan got there. I do 5 minutes, she does 20. I tried to go for 6, but...not yet. However, the treadmill was next and they had set me up to do 5 minutes on that and I did 15. I could have gone longer, but they ask that people don't use the treadmill longer than 15 minutes. I also went at a faster pace than they set me up to walk, so I felt good about that.

The cardiovascular machine wasn't quite as difficult as last time--I didn't hate it today. And on the other weight-bearing machines, I moved the number of weights up to 2 or 3, rather than the 1 they had me doing on Friday.   (Some little old lady was lifting 4 weights and I was too embarrassed to move the pin up to change to lower numbers!)

I thought I'd be feeling it more today, but no. I'm feeling fine. I'm feeling like Secra -- amazed that I'm doing this. She's out riding her bike all over the countryside, and I'm enjoying working out at a health club. And they say the age of miracles is dead.

I was very glad that I was up and out early this morning. It meant that when I left the club, I was in time to see the snow falling. Yes, snow falling in Davis (perhaps this is the equivalent of hell freezing over, on seeing me in a health club!)

It hasn't snowed in Davis for a very long time. I can only remember 2 other times that it snowed here where it actually stayed on the ground for a bit. Oh, you couldn't go out and build a snowman or form a decent showball today, but it did cover the cars and the garbage in the back yard.

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With Dr. G out of town, I spent a good part of this morning trying to solve the problem on the front page of this journal--all the links on the left which have been moving down as I add a new entry to the contents. Managed to get it slightly redesigned so that I like the look of it better. I hope that everything works now. If you find problems, please let me know.

And then this evening off to the local sushi place. Walt is out of town and if Paul were alive, we'd probably be eating sushi today, to celebrate his birthday. We had a "sushi February" the year before David died. We all liked sushi, and we all had birthdays over the course of 3 weeks, so after the four of us celebrated Paul's birthday with a sushi dinner, we decided to celebrate all of our birthdays with a sushi dinner (also Paul had found the waitress cute and we were trying to help him get to know her better). I must admit that by the time we got to Walt's birthday, the last of the four of us to have a birthday, we were kind of sushi'd out and ended up ordering something cooked. (And Paul never did connect with the cute waitress, who wasn't there for our next three visits.)

Somehow sushi just seemed the right thing to have tonight. (I even managed to fit it into my points for the day).


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