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27 January 2002

The Quiz continues. Only because the damn site won't let me get in to close it. When I attempt to log on, it tells me it can't let me in because I'm not logged in. I'm caught in a chronosynclastic infundibulum. But I'm amazed that 40 people (well...39...I took it took just to see how it went) have taken it. So far Walt, my mother, Jeri and my friend Mary from Seattle (my "other daughter") have gotten 100.

Ned and Tom each got 90. I told them that obviously Jeri knows better.

We went to see A Beautiful Mind this afternoon. The first surprise was that the line to get into the theatre stretched a block. I'm not sure how many were there to see the same movie, but it must have been a considerable number because the theatre itself was filled. It's stadium seating and I sat in a seat in the top row, and Walt found a seat in the first row.

Loved the movie. I have not heretofore hopped on the Russell Crowe bandwagon. Gladiator costumes notwithstanding, the movie (Gladiator) did nothing for me. I'd also heard rumors of his being a fat-head and nothing I'd seen on talk shows or anything else had "grabbed me." However, I have to admit that he does a phenomenal job in this movie. He deserved his Golden Globe. His portrayal of the socially inept schizophrenic was outstanding. The movie also offers a very good look at the schizophrenic condition.

This morning I decided to give myself some time off (i.e., no-guilt web surfing, leaving the transcription until tomorrow). I can't remember how I got started looking for 360 degree panorama sites, but they are pretty spectacular, some of them. To my surprise, our very own Sunshyn, of the current refrigerator magnets, has an incredible page of panorama photos of San Francisco.

There's also a great page of photos of Dublin, and another one I liked is a panorama view of Lake Tahoe. I stumbled over these 360 degree pictures that you can manipulate yourself (including zooming in and out on interesting aspects) by looking at the journal of someone from Dublin. I don't even remember whose journal it was now--it was a new one I just happened to see a link for.

I also decided to actually plan a week of recipes today so that I could buy the right foods and be ready to fix them each night. It is somewhat more expensive at the start of a diet. All those foods that you don't usually have on hand.

But I've discovered something. For a change I wasn't embarrassed by the contents of my shopping cart. Sometimes BD (Before Diet) I would get up to the check-out stand and begin to unload my cart and wonder what people around me were thinking as this fat lady piled on bread, English muffins, ice cream, pastries, frozen fried foods, and all sorts of things that obviously helped create this massive body. But today I piled up all sorts of vegetables, low-cal this and low-fat that. My one indulgence was Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (2 points each). It's amazing that BD I never fixed dessert because I didn't need it, and Walt doesn't like it. Now I allow myself desserts sometimes. Sometimes fruit, other times frivolous things like Skinny Cow. But it all falls within the point range.

The odd thing is that all these years I have almost defiantly bypassed anything that says "low cal" or "non fat" or anything like that. Suddenly I'm discovering that "non fat" or "reduced fat" stuff is just as good as the full fat variety. Walt bought some low fat peanut butter years ago and I refused to touch it. But today I decided to try another jar of it (because there is a peanut chicken dish I want to make). I tasted it after I got home tastes just as good as the full fat variety.  Yoplait's non-fat yogurt tastes just the same as the type with a higher percentage of fat.

I think I've really turned a corner on a new life here.

Walt got into the car to drive to the movie today and commented that I hadn't pushed the seat back as far as I usual do. Yes, there is already a difference.

It's surprising. I can't possibly have lost that much in a month, but I do notice a difference already in how clothes are fitting, how the car seat fits, how I walk up and down stairs. It's a nice feeling.


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