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26 January 2002

I don't know what an "endorphin rush" is like--but I feel surprisingly good this morning.

Whoda thunk?

buff1.jpg (4985 bytes)I've just plunked $100 down and signed an agreement to pay $25/month to go torture my body every morning and I'm happy about it. I can't believe it!

I got up at 4 a.m. this morning and did some transcription. I had figured out what the well dressed hippopotamous wears to her first day at "the club" and at the appointed time, got into my uniform.

I had worried about what shoes to wear but then found an old pair I'd forgotten about which were just perfect. (My clunky shoes would have been OK too, but they rub my foot the wrong way in spots and I didn't really want to wear them. The ones I did wear couldn't have been better. Shoes are always a Very Big Deal for me because if my feet are not happy, I'm not happy. My feet were happy.)

buff2.jpg (5562 bytes)I got to the club at 6 and saw two people entering. Old guys. LIke me. Not a hint of spandex. A little chunky. Good. My people.

I met Marcus, a nice young man, who took me through the paperwork and then said he'd give me the tour.

It's a smallish place. Not that I have much experience with health clubs, but all the ones you see in movies are generally a lot larger than this one. It's really a rehabilitation center. I remember when I was transcribing for Davis Orthopedics, I did a lot of referrals to this place, which is right across the parking lot.

buff3.jpg (5056 bytes)The tour consisted of showing each machine and how it works, telling me which muscles it worked. I don't know laterals from obliques from quads. He might as well have been speaking Greek. And I felt totally overwhelmed by all the information I was having thrown at me. There are a lot of machines and I didn't know how I'd remember anything.

By the time we'd gone through the walk-through, Bud, the physical therapist, had arrived and he was going to map out a program for me.

buff4.jpg (5672 bytes)Marcus started me on the recumbant bicycle and set the timer for five minutes. I began pedaling. By a minute and a half I knew I couldn't possibly make 5 minutes, but I was too embarrassed to admit it. I gritted my teeth and kept pedaling. I could see a gorgeous sunrise out the window ahead of me. Marcus kept talking and as I continued to pedal, sweat now forming on my brow (I can't remember the last time I sweat), I realized that I'd made it more than half way. And it wasn't quite so bad now. I was happy to see "5" come up and know that I'd actually survived it.

buff5.jpg (4976 bytes)Bud took over for Marcus at this point and asked me if I had used any of these machines before. "Do I look like I've used any of these things before?" I asked him. He smiled.

Next we moved to the treadmill. I'd actually been looking forward to this. And again, they set it to the lowest, easiest settings for five minutes. As I walked, I got into the swing of it. Bud and I were chatting and I actually exceeded the 5 minutes.

Then whatever the machine is that gives your upper body a cardio workout. It's where you sit down and pump the machine like a bicycle. 2.5 minutes clockwise and 2.5 minutes counterclockwise. This was the most difficult of all the machines. I have never had upper body strength and I really had to push myself to finish the full 5 minutes here.

buff6.jpg (3718 bytes)And then a series of 5 other machines that work various parts of the body. I don't even know what they were. They just said "sit here and do this" and I did it. I know the machine that works the abdominal muscles was my least favorite of these machines, because I don't really FIT behind it and it felt terribly awkward.

By the time I made it to the 5th machine I realized that I'd come to the end of the starting workout routine they've set up for me and I had done it all and that I was actually feeling very good.

I paid my membership fee and left, feeling very good about the morning. I can't believe it. Me in a health club.

I plan to go 5 days a week, Mon-Fri. The schedule works very well, because they open at 6 and since I normally get up between 4 and 5, I can easily get there and get out before the hunks arrive. I also finally met Joan and we put faces to names, but we were both too busy to do anything but say hi to each other.

So that's was my morning. I came home and wrote some e-mail and it was nearly half an hour before I remembered that I hadn't eaten breakfast yet! I fixed myself a bowl of oatmeal and peeled myself an orange. A nice sensible good-for-you meal. I'm feeling physically good, mentally good, and very glad that I've started this program. Now let's see how long I can keep it going!

Oh yeah--and for those who read my journal early yesterday and missed it, it seems that the How Well Do You Know Bev quiz is working again. 12 people had taken it, as of this writing. So if you're interested, try it again: How Well Do You Know Bev?

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