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22 January 2002

On this new "eating plan" I do a lot of keeping track of what I eat and when I eat it. (I'm sure that will go by the wayside when the novelty wears off, but I'm still in the honeymoon phase). So since I've been spending so much time recording every single thing that passes my lips, I thought it might be interesting (to me anyway) to record how I spend a typical day. Those who are bored with such things have my permission to click over to some other journal now (but thanks for stopping by).

So here goes

  • 4:15 - I got up. I hadn't written the review of the Patti Austin show that I saw after the Torch relay Saturday night, and it had to be in to the newspaper by 8 a.m. on Monday, so while there was nothing on TV to distract me, I sat here, sweated a few bullets, and got the review written (gave her 5 stars).
  • 5:00 - When the review was finished, I started on the leftover dictation from the day before. I had two tapes here from the psychiatrist and one from Dr. G. I had to finish at least Dr. G's and one tape from the psychiatrist. I managed to do both before I went to work, and the work from the psychiatrist is still sitting outside waiting to be picked up. Sigh.
  • 5:45 - Made coffee
  • 6:00 - Took coffee upstairs to wake Walt up; he reminded me that he had today, Martin Luther King day, off. (I didn't)
  • 6:30 - The morning chat with Peggy, since cricket or tennis or Australian football or some other sport didn't lure her away from her computer to the television. We talked about some of the great photo sites we've discovered lately. If you like panorama shots, try this one of Niagara Falls. Pretty neat.  (Wait till it's daytime, though, or all you'll get is a black screen!)
  • 7:30 - Time for breakfast (oatmeal, low fat toast, 1 tsp butter [yes, I use real butter; if this is going to be a plan that I live with for the rest of my life, I want to learn how to incorporate the things I like into it, in moderate amounts].)
  • 7:45 - With the dictation done, I had time to check the Internet--checked the new WeightWatcher message board I just discovered yesterday. Then I looked in on all my friends via web cams (it's overcast in Seattle, raining in Boston, snowing in Rochester, and nighttime in Perth).
  • 9:00 - Walt goes off to run an errand and dropped Patti Austin's photos off at the newspaper for me, while I stay home to finish transcribing Dr. G's tape.
  • 10:00 - The computer froze while I was trying to send an e-card, so I went to have an apple snack while computer is rebooting.
  • 11:00 - Packed up the car and left for the office.
  • 11:03 - Got halfway to office, realized I'd left the office checkbook at home, drove home again.
  • 11:05 - Left the house to drive to the office again.
  • 11:10 - Opened office, checked mail, telephone messages (10 of them), and got the speculum bucket because I knew we were running low and they needed to be sterilized. When I opened the bucket, which is full of something called "surgical milk," a solution into which Dr. G drops the used speculums, which keeps them from rusting until I get around to washing them, I discovered someone had tossed a paper exam gown in it, thinking it was a garbage can. So first thing I had to do was fish the gown out of the bath, then dump the bath in the sink, put the speculums in a solution of bleach and water, turn on the sterilizer to warm up, and then I went to the supermarket to get a snack to have later in the afternoon (I knew I wouldn't have a chance once patients started arriving).

Bought myself a couple of apples and walked back to the office.

The sterilizer had heated up, and the speculums were ready to come out of the bleach. I got my handy dandy little toothbrush scrubber and scrubbed them all with anti-bacterial soap, then put in the sterilizer for an hour to get rid of whatever the surgical milk, bleach, and soap didn't kill.

  • 1:00 - Ate lunch at my desk--half a sandwich (1 Tbsp of peanut butter on a fat free slice of bread with 1 tsp of fruit spread--mighty tasty) and some pear tomatoes (my staple on this diet--I love 'em!)
  • 1:25 - The first patient arrived
  • 1:30 - Dr. G arrived, bringing roses from his garden. Dr. G is, among many other things, an avid gardener and each Monday morning he brings fresh flowers from his garden for the waiting room and for his office. He asked me to arrange them once. I didn't think I did too shabby a job, but he hasn't asked me again, and makes a point of telling me that "he'll be back to arrange them."
  • 1:40 - Got the patient all checked in and ready for her appointment. Took her chart back to Dr. G and he snickered about how clean his desk was because his wife had come in to dust over the weekend. (yay!)

We saw four patients through the day. One older woman and I discovered we had mutual friends in common and, in fact, I promised to get her an address of these former neighbors of hers for her.

Another woman returned for a follow-up visit. Her first visit was last week. She stormed in, angry with the world. She sat in her own little black cloud and made it known that she was NOT happy to be there. But she was also afraid of developing some sort of cancer, so she reluctantly came for an appointment. The belligerent way she filled out her paperwork let us know that she'd had bad experiences with doctors and had little hope that Dr. G would be any better.

After her first appointment, she called to ask me to thank Dr. G for not pushing her, and for taking the time to listen to her. When she arrived today, she was a totally different person. Friendly, relaxed. She even laughed. Amazing what having a doctor who actually listens to his patients can do!

The patients came and went until 7 p.m. I was called to take one blood pressure. My reading was 140/90 (this one wasn't dead). Dr. G felt he'd better double check, knowing that I've been having problems, but his reading was the same--and I felt good about that.  Not about the patient's borderline blood pressure, but good that my reading had been accurate.

At 7:15 p.m., I locked up the office and headed home (yes, I'd been there 7 hours without a break). Came home and fixed dinner before I even checked e-mail.  We had chicken curry on rice tonight  (10 points) along with a salad.

Now I'm sitting here writing this and will soon start doing some more transcription, what was left over from last night.  But I might take a little time out to have a Skinny Cow first (98% fat-free ice cream sandwiches, 2 points each, that make you think you can't possibly be on a diet!)

As I warned you, it's not a great story, it's just what happened.

(Paul used to say that in his shows when he told a story that didn't get much audience response...same as I'm pretty sure this entry has done...or not done!)


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