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14 January 2002

I tried to be a good mother.

I read all the books.

I attended classes.

I breastfed for years.

I was a coop nursery school participant.

I was room parent.

I went to the ball games.

I went to the stage shows.

I helped deliver newspapers.

I drove 300 miles to sit bedside when an operation was pending.

But now....this.

I received this from Tom today:

I felt it necessary to inform you of the fact that I am indeed an "under" person when it comes to toilet paper and I'm of the school of thought that the spider in question was indeed itsy bitsy.

I hope that I haven't let you down and I hope that you will continue to love and accept me just the same.

I will always love him and accept him, in spite of it all, but...

I feel like such a failure.

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These Magnets are from Sunshyn

One Year Ago

Speaking Ill of the Dead
(I've had more reaction to this entry than any I've written in the last 2 yrs)

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