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12 January 2002

I spent tonight with my friend, the simple school marm, who was in town for a visit. She teaches in a ghetto school and is quite respected in her field. She's an office holder in the state-wide teacher organization (whatever it's called) for her state. She's published a lot about teaching methods, and other things. She's been invited by teaching organizations of other countries to come and visit them, and has traveled around the world. She was just nominated for Teacher of the Year in her state. She's up for a Fulbright.

She has a huge heart and obviously is dedicated to her profession and to the kids she teaches.

She's also the most libidenous person I've ever met in my life.

Talk about living parallel lives.  (I meet the most interesting people!)

She's probably out as a lesbian at her school. Apparently there are several gay people teaching there, and I suspect that their sexual orientation was of little concern (which in itself is refreshing).

But I'm sure there aren't many in the school administration that know about her other life.

I came slowly to her outer-inner circle (i.e., I hear a lot about her sexual exploits, but we aren't close friends--either geographically or physically). I first had a hint when I met her in a chat room and people who had known her longer joked about how the only thing you'll find in her freezer are batteries.

Then she began to talk about trips to a local adult toy store, where she is on a first name basis with the clerks (and has actually dated and bedded some of them).

She also "knows people." She has the most amazing stories about people she grew up around (she used to drive George Raft to the racetrack, for example. There are movie posters featuring the father of her children lining the walls of her living room.)

I went with her to a book store one day. She wanted to buy me a copy of Crazy in Alabama, which she said was the funniest book she's ever read (I found it more...odd... than hyserically funny). While we were there, she found a book of photos of people famous in the history of rock and roll. She thumbed through the book, pointing to photos of both men and women. "I slept with her..." "I slept with him..." "She was so hot..." etc. Some of the biggest names around.

The thing is this isn't name dropping for her. She's very casual about it. It's her life and she thinks nothing of it. Pleasure is the name of her game. And odd though it may sound, she makes the most bizarre things sound as innocent and commonplace as going to the supermarket. It's only in retrospect that you think "my god--did she really do that??"

Some years ago she made the acquaintance of a gentleman and the two of them meshed. He's married, she's not interested in anything permanent, but they do enjoy their time together. "Playing games," as she describes it. They meet each other at various swanky hotels around the country for weekends, where they visit places where adult games are played. They "bring their toys," she says.

Recently she began a relationship with a dominatrix. She sent me the web page for this woman so I could see how "hot" she was.

It has been a whole new world for me. I've been introduced to things I had no idea existed. She's a delightful raconteur and will keep you in stitches with tales of her exploits and sexploits.

This evening she reminisced about the transsexual she'd dated for awhile, at first innocently, not realizing that she used to be a he ("I never noticed the big hands," she said). And then getting intrigued by the whole idea. She said it was difficult being intimate with someone whose only question was "does it look normal?"

This gal is one of a kind, for sure. I sometimes wonder what I'm doing in this circle of hers, but then, she's really just a simple school marm, and what's unusual about that?

If you picture in your mind what this school marm looks like, I guarantee you will be wrong. You'd be better off picturing your spinster kindergarten teacher in the frumpy clothes, sensible shoes, and the granny glasses.

You just never know what goes on in the private life of those people you meet day to day.

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