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19 February 2002

I laughed it off when Steve talked of my padding. I congratulated myself on being able to get up with minimal exertion (if maximum embarrassment). I was relieved that all body parts seemed to be functioning and that there wasn't much pain as I flew across the country and wandered around various airports.

Then I came home and went to sleep.

Bad idea.

All those muscles that had continued to work with minimal complaint after the assault on their integrity got together and held a muscle convention while I was sleeping and decided to teach me a lesson for treating them so roughly.

It only hurts when I move.

Well, technically speaking it only hurts when I move my right side. Neck, arm, lower back, leg. The toes seem to be OK. Getting into and out of the car hurts so much I'm almost tempted to walk, if it weren't so bloody cold.

I didn't go to the club this morning. And I'm having serious reservations about tomorrow, but I don't want to get out of the habit, so I'll go and skip the machines that I know will exacerbate the pain right now. I can still do the treadmill (probably at a lower speed and lower incline), but the hated UBE machine is definitely out for a few days (this does not break my heart). The bad thing is that probably the leg press (my favorite) is also out. and I probably won't do the recumbant bike either at least until tomorrow.

In other news, no I didn't find the $2,000. But I balanced my checkbook against their bank statement and there simply ain't no $2,000 error. So tomorrow I'm hauling all the books down to the bank again and going over things with the Veep who helped me last time and see if we can't get it all to balance again. I pray they find that they have made an error, but I have no confidence!

However, I guess I'm doing an OK job. Dr. G has introduced me to several people with the comment, "Finally, we have an office manager."

When he realized yesterday was my birthday, he had a gorgeous bouquet sent to me along with a card that says "it's a pleasure working with you." I've now had the job longer than my predecessor and there doesn't seem to be any friction or unhappiness.

Now if only I could find the missing $2,000.     


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