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17 February 2002

It is 12:38 a.m. and I have quietly turned 59 sitting in a room lit only by the light from the computer monitor. Steve is snoring at my elbow and the wind is rattling the windows to my right.

My one day in Rochester has come to an end and it was certainly a good one. It started with Steve waiting on me for a change, as he fixed me a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

Then we took a driving tour of Rochester (or the parts Steve knew), including driving along the street I check every day on the webcam. We ended up at an Indian restaurant for a fantastic buffet lunch (at this point I tossed the diet out the window--just because it was impossible to calculate the points of the foods).

Next on to the theatre for rehearsal of Steve's cabaret show, and then the show itself. Steve with 3 backup singers and it was just great. Most fun for me was that he debuted the song he and I wrote together, "Us Catholics," and everyone said it was very funny.

After the cabaret, we went out to dinner with some friends (thai--again, impossible to calculate points), and back to the theatre for the performance of "The Last Session." (some of you may have vague memories of my mentioning this show before!)

I am here in Rochester because Steve said this was the best production of the show--ever. He was right. I haven't seen ALL the productions, but this is certainly head and shoulders above any other production I've seen. I would have hated to miss it. It has been such a smash hit here (the only place in the country, I think, where it is playing to full houses) that they are bringing the whole cast back in May to do it again for a limited (3 week) run. Steve tells me that will be during the "lilac festival," and that I have to come again. We'll see.

But now I'm going to take my aging body to sleep. It's a a whole year older than it was when I woke up this morning.

Steve and I are going to a Catholic mass tomorrow because he wants to talk with the folks there and hear their gospel choir. By the time Mass is over it will be time to take me to the airport to end this whirlwind weekend...and then the whole day on planes again.

Silly as this whole enterprise has sounded, I wouldn't have missed it for the world!


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