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16 February 2002

It is midnight and I'm sitting in a reclining chair next to Steve's bed. He's working on the script for his cabaret show tomorrow and watching hockey. I've been here about half an hour.

Yes, I made it. I made all my plane connections, didn't get hijacked, and we didn't crash. It's also only about 40 degrees, so it doesn't even feel cold.

The day started at 3:30 a.m. I woke Walt up at about 3:45 and we were on the road to the airport by 4. Amazing how busy the Sacramento airport was at 4 a.m.!

Most of the flights I took today were full, so there was none of this spreading out jazz. The first leg was from Sacramento to St. Louis. We flew right over the arch by the Mississippi river (I remember going up in the arch years ago when I visited St. Louis). I had about an hour in St. Louis and then we were off to Baltimore. Just before we boarded the plane, CNN came on with the interview with the Canadian skaters and it reminded me of being in Wellington Station in London during 3 minutes of silence to honor those killed on 9/11. You could have heard a pin drop in that waiting room as we all sat there watching the interview. I still say those guys have acted with incredible class throughout this whole mess. What a pity the judges don't show the same class as the athletes.

In Baltimore, I was catching a plane with three teams of high school volleyball players who were going to Las Vegas for a tournament. Such fresh young faces, so excited to be traveling across the country. The flight from Baltimore to Philadelphia was a whole 20 minutes--not even enough time to get up to normal altitude.

There was a 3 hour layover in Philadelphia, which gave me the chance to pick up some "famous crab chowder" and a fruit salad. I have stayed on my diet across the country. I didn't take airplane food and instead stuck with Weight Watcher bars, apples, and tomato juice. A weird menu for the day, but I didn't cheat. I also got plenty of exercise lugging a suitcase around from gate to gate (and I didn't take a moving walkway once).

Finally got to Rochester and was met by anne marie, who was standing very discreetly holding a "Last Session" CD. Now I'm here in Steve's room and I'm about ready to fall asleep, so this is all the entry I'm going to write for tonight. But I just wanted to report that yes, I really did make it safely.


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