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10 February 2002

Today was the big day. Ned and Marta moved into their new house.

This is really a big deal. The first of our kids to actually buy a house. We've been so used to kids who live in rented places that it kind of snuck up on us that this is for real.

Walt went over to their duplex last night to help load boxes into the huge van they rented. This morning we both went over to finish packing the boxes into the cars of the group of us who were there to help.

So strange to see the place looking so bare. They had decorated it with huge banners from old Lawsuit shows and I'd been so used to seeing the cloth-covered walls that seeing white walls just was so weird!

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It's about a 30 minute drive from the old place to the new (too far to stop by when you forget your key, or to ask Ned to stop in and feed the dog). Their new street seems fairly quiet, in a nice neighborhood, and I'm sure that there were neighbors peering out the windows wondering about this crowd of people who showed up to move "the new guys" in to the house.

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It reminded me of the day we moved into our first house. Like Ned and Marta, we had a whole crew of people who came to help out. Unlike Ned and Marta, all of them had several small children (only 2 kids were there today). What I remember most about that day was crazy old Mrs. Babcock, who lived across the street, peeking out of her window watching all the activity. I was pregnant with Paul at that time and people wouldn't let me carry much, so I spent most of my time directing traffic, as I recall.

sombrero.jpg (15371 bytes)Today's crew worked long and hard making a bazillion trips from the truck to the house. The kids had labeled all the boxes with the name of which room they went in, and had stuck signs on each room so nobody had to wonder where anything was or where anything went. It made that part of the move much easier.

The thing that amazed me was that I worked steadily for about two hours, made that trip from the truck to the house a bazillion times, carried dozens of boxes, some heavy, some lighter, and I didn't get winded, I didn't feel tired, I kept up with everybody. I know that 13.4 lbs can't have made that much of a difference, but I think even though I've only been in my workout routine for a little over a week, that it has helped tremendously with my stamina.

At the end of the day, to thank people who had worked so hard, Marta (who is a licensed masseuse) gave massages to several people who worked. (Unfortunately we left too soon and I never got one, so I've still never had a massage in my life.)

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I don't envy the kids the humongous task of unpacking they have ahead of them, but I remember how exciting it was to be moving into our own home, about 34 years ago, and I'm sure that the work will be worth it for them.



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