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6 February 2002

No, the title doesn't mean I'm about to go off on a tirade about the Boy Scouts or the Salvation Army or anything else. It means that my intestinal tract is a bit off its feed, so to speak. I haven't felt "right" all day, and perhaps rushing around all day didn't help. I'm so rarely under the weather that it feels almost like weakness to admit that I'm just not feeling up to par.

The day started with the time at the club. The routines seemed to go by quickly today and I was surprised when 45 minutes had passed. I think it's time to start upping some of the times and/or weights already.

My weigh-in at Weight Watchers was a bit of a disappointment. I knew that the huge losses of weight would stop once I got past the first few weeks, but I thought I would have lost more than 0.4 lb this week, especially since I've been so very religious about this diet and so proud of myself for sticking with it through the long wedding weekend.

However, I've said over and over that this isn't a diet, it's an new way of life and as long as I'm not gaining, I should feel OK. I also can't remember if I wore my heavy shoes or not last time, so that might be part of it. But I'm not going to fret about it. Just keep on keeping on.

Work was nothing to write home about. Patients came and patients went and I sat there and smiled. Nobody needed a physical exam, so I wasn't even called into any of the appointments this time. The only problem was that Dr. G stayed a lot longer than I expected, so I left work a lot later than I anticipated.

I managed to get to the store to get flowers for the grave, for David's birthday, so did that. Paul's flowers were still decent so the guys have a double batch for awhile. I'm sure they're appreciative.

Home to toss together a quick dinner and then off to the university for Part 1 of a university drama student theatre festival--three pieces, which I was reviewing. One was an original play which was extremely good, the second was a film which was OK, but nothing to rave about. The third was Christopher Durang's 'dentity Crisis, which I finally decided is a modern day Alice in Wonderland, without the charm.

By the time the show ended, I was definitely feeling off kilter, so I decided not to even try to be creative in writing a journal. I'm just going to throw this up (lol--interesting choice of words there!) and go to sleep and hope that things look (and feel) a lot better in the morning.


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