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30 December 2002


Today, Walt, Jeri and I went for a bike ride. I was back in the saddle again--this time with no wind in my face.

I offered to take them on the route that Cindy and I take--just about the right length in distance and time for a quick afternoon outing. Amazingly, we did it in exactly the same time that Cindy and I do--41 minutes to go 8.03 miles. There was a time when I thought they were being kind to me and holding back. Jeri rides her bike all over Boston and Walt has been riding his bike to work daily for the 30 years we've lived here. But there were complaints that I was riding too fast--and they always seemed to be behind. "That was no leisurely bike ride," Jeri said when we returned home (of course I put her on URL, which is twice as heavy as The Blue Angel, so I figure she was handicapped from the start).

I have to have to admit that made me feel pretty good. I haven't lost that much momentum during these two weeks without motion other than hand-to-mouth motion.

The house is starting to return to normal. There are still packages and a tree in the living room (some packages are yet unopened, most are opened, but not yet put away), but I was able to move The Blue Angel back into the living room, where I keep it, safe from the elements. (It sits in the front hall when the tires are wet).

The tables are put back where they belong and all chairs returned to their original full upright position, with tray tables neatly stowed. The dishes are done, the turkey has been stripped and soup has been made. I took all the "dreck meat" after saving all the good stuff for soup, and ground it all up to be part of Kimba's dinner for the next couple of nights.

I got a "better than sex" cake made to take the the funeral tomorrow. I'm not sure that "better than sex" is appropriate for a funeral, but my mother (who returned today) suggested it as an easy, impressive contribution. (that would be lemon cake baked, when cool pricked with tines of a fork, crushed pineapple poured over it, topped with vanilla pudding and then when I serve it tomorrow, heaped with Cool Whip...I haven't exactly tasted it yet, but it sounded pretty good...I'm not sure how it could be "better than sex" and not contain any chocolate, but she assures me it is.)

The kitchen is even cleaned up not only from dinner, but from the cake-baking too.

Now if I could only finish my review of "Blast!" which we saw Friday night and the latest chapter in Dr. G's book typed, I'd be in good shape.

Now I just have to decide what sort of finger foods I'm bringing to the first New Year's Eve party on Tuesday.

Things are beginning to feel like they are slipping back into their regular routine again. I'm wondering when Cindy is going to show up at the door for our next bike ride. At least, having done the route again today, I know that I'm still up for it!

Quote of the Day

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race

~ H.G. Wells

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One Year Ago
Sunrise, Sunset
We've seen each other through divorce and illness. It's kind of like one gigantic mass marriage -- for better, for worse, in sickness and in health until death do us part. It's rare to have a group of friends which has been so consistently there. We may not see each other often, we may have lost the closeness we once had when we all lived near each other, but when these major life events come up, there we all are, huddled under umbrellas, there to support each other or rejoice with each other.

Two Years Ago
Whistle While You Work
I’m still amazed at faxes, ferinstance. The paper equivalent of Star Trek’s transporter. Stick a piece of paper in a machine in California and it gets copied on a piece of paper in Japan. Now tell me that’s not just plain “magic.”

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