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28 December 2002

I've eaten enough yogurt over the past year to insure such strong bones that they will last long, long, long after the rest of me has disintegrated.  I've become a real devotee of Yoplait non-fat strawberry yogurt.  The other flavors are pretty good too, but I have a soft spot in my heart for strawberry and have probably kept a few small family berry farmers in business as well.

What more perfect food is there than yogurt?  You got your protein, you got your bacterial cultures, you got all your good stuff.  Nature's perfect food.

Until they decide to jazz it up.

Some time back, when I was working long hours and was unable to leave the office to pee, much less to buy lunch, Dr. G brought me in a lunch he'd made with his own lily white hands-a delicious sandwich and a dessert of Brown Cow yogurt.  A nice sweet-faced, innocent little cow adorns the label and there are all sorts of guarantees of its goodness, its wholesomeness.  It's made only by small family owned businesses who promise not to treat their cows with rbST (whatever that is).  And it tastes good too.

Today, I was in the supermarket and decided to treat myself to a container of Brown Cow rather than succumb to even more temptation than I already have this week.

I was sitting here savoring the creamy texture and happened to glance at the nutritional information.  Not Brown Cow.  HOLY Cow.  The Yoplait that I normally buy has 120 calories.  This thing has 230 calories, 8 grams of which is pure fat.  That's the "cream top" layer they give it-a quarter inch layer of pure thick cream.  Just what I didn't need.  What a terrible thing to do to an otherwise diet-friendly food!

I have to admit that I'm rather pleased with myself.  With all the temptations of the holiday season, I've managed to eat within my point range.  The only problem is that it's my monthly point range.  I'll be OK as long as I don't eat again until mid-February.

Yes, folks, I have blown the diet completely out of the water.   Two of my favoritest foods in the world are pumpkin pie and turkey stuffing.  The turkey that the psychiatrist gives us each year is the most deliciously moist meat going.  And not only did I decide to throw caution to the wind and actually get hors d'oeuvres for Christmas dinner, everyone else who came decided to bring some as well.

When I waddle into Weight Watchers on Tuesday I will be very lucky if I've only gained 10 lbs or less.

And compounding that is the fact that with (a) Cindy in Hawaii, (b) the weather miserably cold, (c) there being so much busy work in getting ready for the big family dinner, and (d) having the kids around to visit with, and (e) my incredible ability to rationalize, I haven't set foot inside the club in the past 3 weeks and have put less than half a mile on the Blue Angel.

This is the very worst that it's been since I got all health conscious a year ago.

The frightening thing is how very quickly all good habits evaporate in the face of all these temptations.  I am learning through all of my "slips" of the last three months that this is an all-or-nothing thing for me.  I truly am like an alcoholic.  I can't have a sip or a nibble and be all philosophical about it.  A nibble turns into a full-scale dive into whatever it is that I've decided to just "taste."  I went for eight months without a single taste of butter.  I really thought that after a year of regimented eating, developing new tastes, truly liking the things I've been eating, that I had actually begun to develop new habits.

Bzzt.  Wrong.  One "a little dab of butter won't hurt, after all this time and after all it's a special occasion," quickly escalates into full scale overeating, complete with that stuffed feeling you get when you know you've far exceeded your stomach's capacity.  All those normal bodily functions suddenly revert into the "old ways" that were so unpleasant.  Suddenly, the waistband still fits, but just a tad more snugly than it did a month ago.
And you realize that you are once again out of control.

If there is any good about this it's that I do have a year of this eating program under my belt (along with a quarter turkey, a vat of stuffing and half a pumpkin pie).  I can still swing my leg over The Blue Angel and pedal down the street, though I suspect that when Cindy and I take up our schedule again, it will be a couple of days before I'm "up to speed" once more.  And I haven't outgrown anything.  Yet.

So with the holidays now behind us (except for New Year's Eve and the two parties I'm going to that night), January can become austerity month.  My plate will be heaped with greens and the Brown Cow will be put out to pasture once again.

230 calories.
8 gms of fat.

Quote of the Day

"It's OK to be fat. So you're fat. Just be fat and shut up about it."

~ Roseanne Arnold

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