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19 December 2002

Well, I wouldn't recommend getting sick as the way to lose weight, but yesterday all I had to eat was oatmeal with blueberries and then, through the afternoon, 3 grapefruit (we just had a half a crate of grapefruit delivered, so I'm in vitamin-C heaven!). I also went to sleep at 8 p.m., since I still felt so rotten. So I wasn't really concerned about how this morning's weigh-in was going to go--and I wasn't disappointed. I'd lost 4.6 lbs, bringing me past that magic 85 lb mark finally. That felt very good. I don't know if I will be able to hang on to that much loss, as I get back into normal eating, but it sure was nice seeing those numbers this morning.

I am a testament to "Contact" today. I normally don't take cold or flu medications because I've always felt that all these symptoms are nature's way of encouraging you to slow down until they all do their bit. But when you have to work, you can't be semi-comatose, so I dispatched Walt to the supermarket to do a drug run. While he was gone, I fell asleep and woke up around 1 a.m., staggered out to the kitchen to find the box of Contact, took one, and went back to sleep. When I awoke, I no longer felt like my sinuses had been stuffed full of cotton. My cough, while still popping up from time to time, is less bothersome. My body still knows that I'm sick, but that "masking symptoms" jazz works.

I'm also finally able to prop myself up in front of the computer to work on the photos I took over the weekend, so I'm going to add a selection of pix below.

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This is the midway point of our walk around Lake Hollywood, where we stopped to look at the famous Hollywood sign up on the hills.
Michael and one of his cats, Jet.  (Figaro was off sleeping somewhere else).

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Tom and Laurel and Jim and Steve, after Saturday night's performance of The Big Voice.
Michael gives the eye to a mannequin outside a secondhand store across the street from the Mexican restaurant where we had lunch in Topanga Canyon.

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Not my favorite picture, but Steve took this of me in front of the marquee before Sunday night's performance of The Big Voice


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Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.

~ Isaac Asimov

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Peggy's Mum, who died today.
This was taken on her 90th birthday





One Year Ago
Kiss Me, You Fool!
The very suggestion of men loving men seems to make other men rabid (though women loving women doesn't seem to elicit quite the same degree of frothing at the mouth--or maybe people threatened by women loving women just aren't as vocal).

Two Years Ago
For the Birds
They were flying in formation. They were flying close together in such a huge number that the sky seemed to be filled with this twisting, turning, swooping, soaring corkscrew, an amorphous shape that changed continually as the birds continued to fly. It was such an amazing sight, that we stopped the car and got out to stand there and watch. The troubles we’d been having melted away as we stood there, transfixed by this incredible phenomenon.

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