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21 August 2002

Another 2 lbs gone. Good feeling. I made up for the 0.8 lbs I gained last week and added another 1.2.

The terrific thing is that I now weigh about 10 lbs less than it says on my driver's license (it's been decades since I could say that!). I'm also more than half way to my goal weight, which is also a nice feeling.

Of course nothing is without a down side, and if there is a downside here it's that 60 year old flesh does not spring back as quickly as, say, 20 year old flesh does. So I'm starting to have flapping underarms and a turkey neck. As much as I hate both, I like them better than having them filled out with fat deposits.

I also noticed this morning that the firm little round pot belly that I've been pleased to feel getting smaller for several weeks (because it's a little round firm pot belly) seems to be disappearing as well. I may still be pear shaped, I may still hang over a bike seat, I may still be wider than I want, but I'm flatter than I've been in years. And those piano-legs are starting to have firm muscles in them.

Never in my life have I taken time to analyze my various body parts.

I've decided, though, that I'm probably never going to become a "walker." We went to the theatre last night and instead of parking at the nearby garage (where you can wait a very long time waiting to get out after a show), we now park about 4 blocks away and walk to the theatre, a walk I enjoy. But despite my time on the treadmill each day (which has a nice springy padded surface to walk on), when I get on concrete, my feet still hurt. My knees are doing much better as the weight comes off. They don't hurt nearly as much as they have hurt for years.

But the problem with the feet is twofold: first, I have never ever been able to find comfortable walking shoes. Well, I did, for about 10 years, wear comfortable Easy Spirit walking shoes that changed my life. But they stopped making them in my size, and the SAS shoes that were the next best thing have never fit quite as well as the Easy Spirits. These shoes are too expensive to "test out" several brands to find the best fit (and all of my life it has taken me a couple of months to "bond" with shoes, so it's not simply a matter of walking around in them for a few hours and deciding if they're going to fit or not. By the time I realize they don't fit, it's way too late.)

The second problem is an undiagnosed one, but which has been so consistent that I can only assume that I have developed arthritis in the big toe on both feet. It's not so painful that I can't walk, or that I hobble or anything like that, but it's painful enough that the thought of doing any long distance walking, or quick walking is out. It is a good thing that I have discovered bike riding. A no-excuse form of exercise.  A painless, fun way to cover the ground I might have otherwise covered on foot.

Another strange thing for me is that the new watch I bought recently is now too loose on my wrist. For so many years I had to buy some extender pieces for any watchband that I purchased. So just being able to buy a watch "off the rack," as it were, was a thrill. Now to have that watch kind of slide around on my wrist is very strange indeed.

I still can't quite get my fingers around my wrist and have the thumb and forefinger meet, but it's pretty darn close.

I've started loving to wear t-shirts. I am still wearing "extra large," but no longer "extra, extra large." I bought one of those recently and it just swam on me. So I'm down to XL or 1X (depending on brand). The nice thing is that the shirts fit t-shirts. They aren't form-fitting, skin tight, as they have been for so long. This opens up a whole collection of old Lawsuit shirts that I have been too embarrassed to wear.

I've also added to my t-shirt collection with things like a Judy Garland shirt from the exhibit at the Hollywood Entertainment museum last weekend, a new Steve Schalchlin shirt, and one with a painting done by my friend Alec Clayton, as well as a shirt designed by his wife as a memorial to their late son, and to her work for Safe Schools. And, of course, I love my Funny the World t-shirt and my I'm a Boob t-shirt! (I am definitely a walking billboard these days).

Now if only I could find some cheap pants to wear for the next couple of months until I get closer to my goal weight and can justify spending more money on clothes that I will get wear out of and not discard after a few weeks as I get smaller.

I love taking time out to take stock of the changes that are happening within and without. It helps keep me on track on the difficult days.

Today, Dr. C came in the office. She's been away for several weeks and is just back briefly. She was holding a carton of fat free cottage cheese and a big bag of celery sticks and said she was dieting. I remembered when I used to do that--stuff myself with things I didn't really like and feel like I was sacrificing because I was dieting to lose weight.  Inevitably I gave up very quickly and gained back whatever weight I'd lost, and then some.  With very few exceptions, I have never felt deprived on this "new lifestyle" and I've dropped 0.8 lbs short of 75 lbs in 7 months. Sure beats fat free cottage cheese and celery sticks all to heck!!!

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I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.

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