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7 August 2002

Now that I've started using "pull quotes" for "one year ago" and "two years ago" on this page. What's interesting is how cyclical my life seems to be. If you checked the quote from yesterday's entry, the day I was talking about how we missed David while seeing Camelot, you may have noted that a year ago I was talking about how much we missed Paul while seeing a show for Acme Theatre Co.

Also, each day, now, when I read the quotes from a year ago--and even two years ago-- I am discussing my struggle with the diet. Talk about never learning anything.

Actually, I'm discovering that going back and reading those dietary struggles has been extremely helpful for me. I remember where I was, I remember the embarrassment of having to put statistics about what I was doing diet-wise, knowing all along that I was cheating and, from my vantage point looking back two years, knowing that soon I would give up altogether.

This is especially helpful when I'm sitting here with food in the kitchen calling to me. (I really have to do something about those auditory hallucinations!).

Last week, I wasn't reading carefully, I guess, and gained 1+ lbs at my weigh-in. This week I had a few struggles-food at a barbecue, and other things that I've found tempting. Mostly I've managed to stop myself by either leaving the house, or going to sleep.

Still, I was a bit nervous about going to the scale for my weigh-in this morning. I shouldn't have worried. I keep telling myself…this isn't a diet; it isn't a diet. But it's all semantics anyway. Of course it's a diet. Even if this is a "lifestyle change," let's be honest--I'm dieting.

So, having not been 100% faithful to the diet this week, but still being within my points range, even eating some of the "wrong" things, I worried about what the scales would show.

Yippeee!! Another 2.8 lbs gone, for a total of 73 lbs now.

It's a new week…time to rev up the willpower once again.

Reading the old entries is a great help, because I can see how easy it is to just let go of that strong resolve, and it helps keep this resolve stronger. I keep saying I'm always just a donut away from chucking the whole thing and gaining it all back. (I'm proud to say I have not had a single donut in 8 months. I guess I'd be prouder to say that I had a donut and was able to stop with only one.)

We're all in this together and it's wonderful to continue to read journal entries by folks, like Bozoette, who are sticking with their eating plans and continuing to lose.

Peggy started Weight Watchers when I did and has just reached her goal weight. I'm so proud of her! My friend Diane, in Seattle, started WeightWatchers too and she, too, is sticking with it and has lost a chunk of weight. I'm so proud of her too. I know how long it takes to work up the strength to begin this program.

So congratulations to all of us who are sticking with it, through thick and thin. May our resolves all remain strong, and may we turn our backs on the trigger foods that are so dangerous to our willpower!

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If you want to look young and thin, hang around old fat people."

--Jim Eason

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