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2 August 2002

After many years?...I have finally retired my faithful old HP computer, which has been sitting here like an arthritic grandmother, not doing much but taking up space (sorry, Momma--it was the only metaphor I could think of!!).

The powerful Gateway took over all of my computer needs long ago. All except one. I couldn't scan with it.

Oh, it's not that it doesn't have the capability. With a number of photo programs installed, I should be able to scan anything. But my scanner was attached to the HP. And, in my ever-efficient fashion, I'd long since lost the programming software, so did not have the drivers to put onto the Gateway. Also, the thing is so old (and was so cheap to begin with), that I was not able to find them on the Internet.

And so, ever since the Gateway pushed the HP out, I've kept the HP around only for scanning purposes. Each time I tried to scan, it was a reminder of what a huge step I'd taken upgrading to the Gateway. The HP was sooooooooo.... verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.... slooooooooooooooow. You could clean the kitchen while it booted up. (even I could clean the kitchen while it booted up.

When a photo was being scanned, I might as well go straighten out a closet, do the laundry, plan dinner, and ride my bike around the greenbelt.

Still, it worked. But I grew to really hate having to shut down the streamlined Gateway and fire up the clunker HP.

I stopped scanning and started using the camera as a scanner. But the results were not optimal. If you check out the picture of Tom at the bottom of this entry, you can easily see that I cheated and used the camera. Though the camera took good pictures, I never could get rid of the glare from the light source (especially when I was trying to scan something late at night and was rushed--as I almost always am).

I've thought from time to time about getting a new low-end scanner. I don't need the Cadillac of scanners. I can easily go with the Yugo.

Each time I went to Office Max and saw the prices of scanners dropping, I would think "I really can afford a new scanner; I should get one."

They finally lowered the price enough. I went to Office Max to get some paper for the office and saw that their $59 scanner (already affordable) was on sale for $49, as a special back-to-school offer. Not only was it on sale for $49, but I had a $10 coupon in my purse, bringing the total cost to $39. That was definitely an offer I couldn't refuse.

So I bought it. And naturally, being the efficient person that I am, I have let it sit in the trunk of the car for the past two weeks. But today I decided that I was going to finally get it set up.

Actually, the reason for doing it today is that a week or so ago, I misplaced a tape that Dr. G gave me to transcribe. I have torn most of the house apart looking for it, and the only thing left to do was to check out my office. I started looking through stacks of things and realized that while I was doing it, I might as well straighten up the desk, and while I was straightening it up, why not install the scanner.

So the scanner has moved from the car to my desk, the HP computer has moved onto the floor of the family room (where, knowing us, it will probably stay for the next six months), and I am now able to scan photos once again.

Of course, having now said that, I should have some spectacular photo to scan here. I'm trying to think of what would be good...

How about this great picture of Ned and his grandma:

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(...and no, I didn't find Dr. G's tape.)

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