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28 April 2002

For those who did not read Secra's journal entry yesterday, you'll be happy to hear that she, Haggie and I have formed a biking club. We thought about calling it "Babes on Bikes," or "Bobs" and then Terri said that it was too bad we couldn't stick an extra "O" in there. Later that night I read in her journal that we had become "Babes on Outrageous Bikes." We are now officially Boobs.

Olivia is all excited and ready to get us in logo gear, plan weekends in the Napa Valley, and do all sorts of stuff. There is talk (by Haggie, I think--or maybe it was Secra) of a Boob web ring. Stay tuned. You haven't heard the last of Boobs.

It's been a fun couple of days. Friday night I drove down and dropped my bike off at good ol' Alameda Bicycle, which has given us lifetime free maintenance. The bike was ready for its "10 hour adjustment" and then I should be good for another 6 months. I had hoped to pick it up at 6, when I was meeting Haggie, and Secra & David there, but they were backed up and the best they could do was a promise to get the bike for me by this morning.

However, Haggie and I presented Secra with the check from all you wonderful generous people who have helped making a replacement bike a reality for her--she says one more paycheck and she'll be back in toe clips. She gave each of us a rose, which was lovely. Do be sure to read her entry yesterday.

Our friend Gene, the clerk at Alameda Bicycle, was able to find Haggie a bike rack for her van, which he gave her...she has offered to design a better website for the bike shop, so this could end up being a beneficial thing for everyone.

We all went our separate ways and I went back to Olivia's to cook dinner on my new George Foreman grill, after which I pretty much crashed and wasn't heard from again until about 2 a.m., when I got up briefly to (what else?) check e-mail, and then back to sleep until 7. I definitely caught up on some much needed zzzz's last night.

gloveso.jpg (30333 bytes)This morning we went back to the bike shop to get my bike. Olivia, who has been chaffing with jealousy ever since I got my cool bike gloves, decided that she was no longer going to be left out, and so she, too, now has cool bike gloves. Only hers, she says, are better because they are made by the same folks who made our bikes; mine aren't.

jeans.jpg (30768 bytes)The bike was ready soon enough that we had time to get in a quick ride before I had to come home in order for me to be able to turn around again, change clothes, and get on the road back to San Francisco, for a show. But I was dressed in my cute jeans again and I didn't want to waste a photo op.

We turned our wheels this time to Bay Farm Island, another part of Alameda. We parked in a shopping center and hopped on our bikes. Once again, we discovered parts of the area that you would never see in a car. There is a lovely bucolic bike path that wends around the whole area--sort of like the Davis Greenbelt, but with water, as it goes along a lagoon. Just lovely. We rode out as far as the Bay, near where Olivia lives, and then back to the shopping center, to stop at a deli for lunch.

bayfarmisland.jpg (46526 bytes)
part of the trail at Bay Farm Island

We only biked 4.5 miles (I know this because my odometer finally works right!), but it was just a lovely time and I got home in time to (a) write this entry, and (b) get ready to go to the city.

I'm looking forward to exploring more such areas in coming weeks. And the Boobs have to plan our first official outing as well!!


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This was my rose from Secra

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