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25 April 2002

I don't think The Davis Enterprise is going to pay me for this review, but occasionally a critic does things just for the fun of it. This is one of those times.

When one encounters a work which is the collaboration of not two, but three good writers, one expects great things from the final product.

Thus it is with the current production, a not-to-be-missed farce that will keep you in stitches from start to finish.

As described by one of the authors:

"There's drama! There's trauma! There's confusion all around! Watch the madcap adventures of three schedules trying to come together in a sea of turmoil. It's fun for the whole family."

It's a simple story. Three people making plans for a social event, a lunch to celebrate the good fortune of the bride and the participation of the other two in the reason for the celebration.

The quiet one writes to the bride, who misunderstands and instead invites the jockette to join her and the hubby for lunch.

"What am I? Chopped liver?" the quiet one demands.

The bride apologizes and says that of course she meant to include the quiet one as well. She suggests a time and place for meeting. "It would obviously be about a bazillion times more fun (and the photo ops would be a bazillion times more appropriate) if you were there, too," she says, trying to placate the quiet one.

The quiet one says that will be fine. But jockette suddenly realizes that's not convenient for her, as work and home pressures will intervene. Another time and place is suggested.

And so it goes, in the manner of a French bedroom comedy. One person is coming in a door while another is going out. Much confusion. Much changing of plans.

The quiet one just sighs and says "you two fight it out and let me know where to show up."

Ultimately a convenient date is found when both the quiet one and the jockette can meet the bride...and then the bride realizes that there are family matters to attend to. Can they all go back to square one and start over again.

The production is still in the planning stages and so the final act has yet to be written, but already a sequel is in the works.

Stay tuned for script writing for "Secra, Haggie and Bev plan lunch."

It's sure to be a 4-star production. If they can ever get together for any collaboration.

* * *

And speaking of life being stranger than fiction, the tension level at the office has risen incredibly and I'm beginning to feel like we are living in "General Hospital." I won't get too specific, but there are several issues which include a resignation, a stalking, a foreclosure, a divorce, an arrest, and me sitting in the middle watching the lives of several people I work with caught up in a whirlwind.

Believe me, it's a lot easier to attempt to come up with a plan to meet Secra and Haggie than it is to figure out all the machinations going on in my day to day life!


Thanks to all who donated to help Terri replace her stolen bike.   We raised well over half the price of the bike and will be giving the money to Terri this week. 
You guys are the greatest!!!

Quote of the Day

Not only is life a bitch, but it is always having puppies.

~ Adrienne Gusoff ~



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