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Refrigerator Door

This picture of Jeri was taken at Ned & Marta's wedding. I'm not sure who had it made into a magnet.

I am a theatre critic

OK...so it's a new "career", but if you're interested in reading my reviews, go here


Take Me Home
by John Denver
w/Arthur Tobler

When Peggy was here, we listened to a lot of John Denver music (which I don't think Steve has forgiven me for). I was so intrigued by so many of his lyrics that I wanted to read the story behind them, so borrowed the book from her.


House of Sand and Fog
by Andre Dubus III

Lynn left this book for me; I'd just seen a discussion on Oprah about it and was anxious to read it.


29 January 2001

We went to a birthday party today. Another in our group has passed out of her 50s and into the 60s. There aren’t very many of us "kids" left in the 50s decade.

It was a surprise party and we came from all over the extended arm of the Bay Area to hide and jump out to say "surprise!" like we saying to each other for the past 30-40 years.


These are the friends of our days at UC Berkeley. We used to see each other frequently; now it seems that we get together infrequently for things like this.

It used to be that the parties were overrun with our children--all 22 of them. Now the children have their own children and it’s rare to have more than a few of the "second generation" attend the gatherings, but we can always be sure of a few of the little ones around.


I love watching these 3rd generation kids. When we were raising our kids, did we ever take time to stop and really look at them and realize how beautiful they were? I looked around at all these little people today and I just marveled at them. The smooth skin, the bright eyes, so full of hope.



What lies ahead for these guys? Will they be strong? Will their spirits be broken by life? Will they be successful? Will they find great joy, or tremendous sorrow. Will they feel the strength in the support of family and friends? Will their lives be cut short?

I guess I’m feeling reflective because today would have been Paul’s 32nd birthday and in a week, David would have been 29. I’m hoping these new little ones know how much they are loved and I’m hoping wherever Paul and David are, that they know how much they are still loved.

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