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This magnet came from a trip I took to Houston. One day, Lynn and I drove down to Galveston and went through the "rain forest" of Moody Gardens--a tremendous experience.

If you like to smile, get yourself on over to The Smileage Club and see some roadside oddities.

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You've been watching my own refrigerator magnets. Now you, too, can arrange your own magnets on a virtual refrigerator. Visit Kevin's Fridge Magnets.

Mellow Yellow
Surely everyong will get something out of the International Banana Club and Museum.

That Ol' Black Magic
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Take Me Home
by John Denver
w/Arthur Tobler

When Peggy was here, we listened to a lot of John Denver music (which I don't think Steve has forgiven me for). I was so intrigued by so many of his lyrics that I wanted to read the story behind them, so borrowed the book from her.

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22 January 2001

I’m developing a great appreciation for birds.

Oh, not in an Audubon sort of way. I can only identify a handful by sight (mostly sea gulls and pigeons--I grew up in San Francisco, you know), and none by "call," but I guess it started back in Houston when I stayed with Mike and Bill and we spent a lot of time watching birds at the bird feeder.

And then lately, spending more time communing with nature, starting with all the time I traveled around with Peggy, I have discovered I really am getting a "thing" about birds.

Today I was driving home from the Bay Area early in the morning. The plan had been to rush home and start working, accomplishing great things before dinner.

As I was about 25 miles from home, my thoughts turned to a lovely walk I’d taken a few weeks back with my friend Barb. We had taken the back road and walked to a small lake. She had mentioned that there was a road around the lake but that it was kind of long, so we just did the shorter back path and then back to the car again.

Well, I haven’t kept up with my resolve to walk at least an hour a day for four days a week, Peggy’s been very good about not asking me about it, but she surely knows I haven't been walking, since I haven’t sent her any photos from a "walk" lately.

And you know what? I can’t believe I actually miss it.

So I decided to stop at the lake and walk around it. It’s a lovely little lake in Lagoon Valley and I parked maybe a quarter of a mile from the lake itself. It was cold and grey. Perfect walking weather. I left my purse in the car, but took the camera and took 3 disks worth of photos.

En route to the lake itself is something like a tiny marsh which was home to lots of ducks. Then past the marsh to the footpath for the lake. I learned it was 2.5 miles around the lake itself and that sounded like a nice length for a morning walk. This is a nature preserve so there were lots of birds. It was pretty incredible, actually.

The farther from the freeway I got, the more the traffic noise began to fade, allowing me to pay attention to the nature noises around me.

I heard bird calls I’d never heard before, saw huge hawks close up, watched pelicans soar around the lake, laughed at ducks making their 3-point landings on the lake, scared a bunch of little birds out of a tree in advertently (they were so small I didn’t even notice that the tree was loaded with them).

The far side of the lake was more of a recreational area. People were unloading horses from trailers and going for a ride into the hills. A group of men was playing "disk golf" (throwing Frisbees at metal containers), and there were playgrounds, picnic tables and barbecues (empty on an early, chilly Sunday morning, fortunately).

A whole field was filled with Canadian geese and another with non-Canadian geese (I guess it was a territorial thing). The geese were napping and had posted sentries who sounded the call when I began to approach. A chorus of warning calls began, with the group almost singing in unison. They reminded me of a church choir (and even sounded a bit like some church choirs I’ve heard!!!)

On the last leg of the trip around the lake, I came upon a guy hiding in the bulrushes and getting ready to cast his line out onto the water to fish.

And then it was back past the marsh again and back to the car. The whole trip had taken two hours. I could have done it much more quickly, but I was so enjoying the whole communing-with-nature thing, taking time to watch the birds, photograph the flowers and other greenery, and just enjoying being back on a real walk again.

I can see I’m going to have to get more dedicated about keeping my promise to myself and to Peggy. Soon it will be spring and I’m looking forward to revisiting the lake and seeing the baby ducks coming out, and watching the bare trees begin to leaf out.

dew on a feather


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