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I'm not sure Walt has seen this magnet or not. It's fairly new. I've been hiding it from him, I think!

Quotable Quotes
In honor of the upcoming inauguration of President Bush (ouch--that hurts to say), here is a sample of what we can look forward to in the next four years.

Fun and Games
I found this link on someone's web site today. It takes a fast modem, but is really fun to play around with.

Dialects and vocabulary words from different parts of the United States and the world. Learn how to talk like a native! A native of where? ANYWHERE!

The Oracle of Bacon
It's the Virtual Kevin Bacon Game! Enter the name of a celebrity and find out how many degrees of separation there are between said celebrity and Kevin Bacon...


The Night Listener
by Armistead Maupin

The book is really riveting. I read a lot of it yesterday while waiting for my client. Very hard to put down!

For anyone contemplating reading this book, I strongly recommend that you check out this web page.

That's it for today!


19 January 2001

It's back! After a year and a few months, the diamond ring I took to be re-set at the Davis Jewelers is finally back on my finger.

I mentioned recently that there had been a fire and smoke damage to four different shops, the Davis Jeweler one of them. It happened about 3 days before I was to have picked up the ring.

After the fire, all the businesses closed and nobody could find the people who owned the Davis Jeweler. Over this long year there have been phone calls, registered mail, leading to group meetings, police involvement, and ultimately arrest of the jeweler.

Yesterday I received a call from the PD that I could pick up my ring at the police department, if I would bring a cashier’s check for half the agreed-upon amount for repair of the ring (which the jeweler agreed upon, in acknowledgement of the year that they have kept the ring).

Getting the cashier’s check was easier said than done. I went to the Bank of America booth at the local Albertson’s, where I discovered that I, as a customer of B of A for at least 40 years, would have to pay six dollars to get a cashier’s check!!! Six dollars???

Albertson’s would sell me the same cashier’s check for 75 cents.

I fumed about that for a bit, but ultimately got the cashier’s check from the supermarket (NOT the bank!) and went to the police department to get the ring. I had to show ID, present the cashier’s check, sign a release, and have my Poloroid picture taken with the ring so the officer could prove she had really given the ring to me.

I worried that after all this time the ring wouldn’t fit me, but it slipped right on my finger...like it had been made for me.

It’s nice to have it back. The diamond was one that had belonged to Walt’s grandmother and while I could live without a diamond on my finger, I didn’t want to lose the stone since it had such family history. It should go to Jeri when I’m not around to wear it any more.

Today was day #2 in rollilng blackouts throughout California because there is not enough electricity to supply Califonria during these cold winter days (Hey--don't blame me. I hung my clothes on a clothesline today!) We weren’t hit with blackouts here in this grid, but some 1 million or more homes were without power for part of the day today.

Tonight the legislature is drafting bills to find money to buy enough electricity for the state, when they suddenly discover we also don’t have enough natural gas either.

This unprecedented energy emergency should have been foreseen. Anybody who drives around this state and looks at the ridiculous construction should be able to see that sooner or later we’re going to reach critical mass. We visited a friend who lives in a new Del Webb housing development outside Sacramento. It’s out in the middle of nowhere and you come upon this little oasis of houses, greenery, golf course, etc. Our friends who live there tell me that in the coming year they are going to build something like 6,000 more houses. You look at how dry it all is around there and wonder... where is the water coming from? And how long will it last?

I dunno. We’ve running out of electricity. We're running out of gas. We’re surely going to run out of water soon. George W. Bush is about to become president. John Ashcroft looks like he's going to be approved Attorney General. I’m thinkin’ it’s about time for me to get outta town. I feel like I’m about to enter my own worst nightmare.

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