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Refrigerator Door

Well, I didn't have a riding vacuum cleaner with a wet bar, but I did have Mrs. Clean in the house, and she got me to actually do some scrubbing in the house. (I can't remember where I got this magnet, BTW)

Orange Glo
Well, I can't very well do this on-line infomercial without linking to the Orange Glo site, can I?

Orange Show
It also seems logical that I link to The Orange Show, in Houston (where Lynn lives). I haven't been here, but I've heard that it's quite an experience.

Bizarre Stuff
Ok. Enough about Oranges. While we're in the kitchen, let's make some Bizarre stuff!...

...and then blow it up!


The Night Listener
by Armistead Maupin

For anyone contemplating reading this book, I strongly recommend that you check out this web page. About the time you get to page 13 of Night Listener, the reason wny will make sense to you.

That's it for today!


January 15, 2001

I have restored the color and original luster to my wooden cabinets and I am discovering the pleasure of a clean and fresh-smelling home.

(Let’s have a little less giggling out there. This is Serious Business.)

I succumbed to an infomercial about a month ago. It was late. I was alone. The TV was on. And the idea of achieving a brand new-looking kitchen with minimal effort and leaving the house smelling of oranges was just too enticing. I was weak.

However, I did have enough sense to check out Orange Glo on the Internet. I’ve read the Hoax site. I know about embellishment and outright lying. No sucker here, Baby!

From all I could find in my research (all 10 minutes of it), the product seemed to be promising. I also discovered that I could get a significant savings on the "if you call in the next ten minutes" special price on the Infomercial if I ordered on the Internet. In fact, each successive web site I encountered seemed cheaper than the one before. When I got it at what I considered a decidedly affordable price, I bought.

I’d forgotten that I ordered it until it arrived two days ago. Orange Glo cleaning system and Mrs. Clean (Lynn) in my house at the same time. Is this fate or what?

The package actually sat on the counter for two days before Lynn finally couldn’t stand it any more. This morning, before her 2 p.m. appointment, she popped into jeans, demanded Walt’s Makita electric screwdriver, got out towels, and we were off, restoring luster and brilliance to the kitchen cabinets.

Orange Glo is a good product (she says, using her very best Ron Popeil voice). And we put it to the test. Irresistable force meeting immoveable object. 30 years of grease and grime, fingerprints and scratches. Not the easy spray-it-on-wipe-it-off demonstration.

But, by golly, the damn thing works. Oh sure, it’s not quite the effortless wipe on, wipe off move that the infomercial promised, but leave the stuff on a bit, add elbow grease, and the grease and grime does come off. It doesn’t exactly look drop dead gorgeous, but there is a decided improvement. I’d worked with Old English wood cleaner before and gave up because the cabinets seem to be waaaaay beyond Old English’s capabilities. Best of all, now that it's done, your fingers don’t stick to the cupboards over the stove any more.

And yes, the kitchen smells like oranges.

Me with a power screw driver
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with this Oxiclean that came with the Orange Glo.


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