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Refrigerator Door

I bought this magnet many years ago in Castroville, the Artichoke Capitol of the world, when we were giving a tour to Walt's cousin Nora, here from Dublin. She'd never eaten an artichoke before.

Corn Cam
If you're not into artichokes, perhaps you'd like to spend an exciting afternoon watching corn grow.

Corn Palace
Once your corn is grown, the obvious thing to do with it is to build a palace.

Play with your veggies?
If you get tired of corn, here's a chance to move on to different produce.


The Night Listener
by Armistead Maupin

For anyone contemplating reading this book, I strongly recommend that you check out this web page. About the time you get to page 13 of Night Listener, the reason wny will make sense to you.

That's it for today!



11 January 2001

There is a princess in my kitchen and she made fish tacos for us for dinner last night.

Now, I'm not saying Lynn is a princess or that she's not a princess, but she's been telling us for years that her dream is to be a princess, so we've always humored her.

Heck, as long as she cooks my dinner, she can be any branch of the royal family she likes!

The Princess and I have been friends for many years now. She came as a midwife to the ob/gyn practice where I was then the transcriptionist, and we quickly became friends (but then she quickly became friends with most people).

Over the years she became the heart and soul of the midwifery program. All the midwives were wonderful, but Lynn made me feel that if I weren’t already in my 40s with five children I would want to have a baby just to have her follow my pregnancy and deliver the baby. She taught me a lot about the value of midwives and the reason why one would prefer having a midwife as your provider rather than a doctor.

Not that there was anything wrong with our doctors. They were terrific. But a midwife gives you such individualized attention, spends so much more time, and is with you throughout labor, not just making a guest appearance at the end to catch the baby as it emerges.

I never knew any of the physicians who delivered any of our babies. They may have introduced themselves to me before taking a seat at my feet and becoming very intimate with my body, but we had no relationship whatsoever prior to the birth. It was the price one paid for getting care through a huge HMO like Kaiser, and delivering at a teaching hospital.

But I digress. (Writing this it occurs to me that "but I digress" would make a great title for this journal, if I didn’t already have a title)

This is about The Princess, not about my birthing history. We have been through a lot of ups and downs together. When she married her Prince, it really was a fairy tale wedding. It was second marriage for both and it was a fairly small affair with participation by everyone. Ned and Paul were photographers, Jeri and Marta provided the music. My task was to make the cake. I tell the story in the journal (about halfway down the page). In all the years I did cake decorating, and for all the weddings I provided a cake, this was the first time I ever had a cake disaster. And it was the disaster to end all disasters. Fortunately, Lynn was focused in on what was truly important, marrying the man of her dreams, and didn’t fall apart when she discovered that her beautiful wedding cake was in crumbs in my car.

As our office moved into the wonderful world of managed care, things began to be unpleasant in dealing with all the problems with HMOs. Also, Lynn’s grandchildren lived in Houston and so when she was offered a job there, she took it. It was painful saying goodbye as she and Chris moved so far away.

I was able to visit them a few times when I would go to spend time with Mike and Bill. I was there in the spring of 1999 and we had a wonderful time together. I returned to Davis and two weeks later called Lynn with the news that Paul had died.

She immediately called for plane reservations and was in Davis by that night. She arrived with wine, Lime-away, and hugs. She spent the week cleaning house and wiping tears and made that nightmare week much easier for all of us.

In January of 2000, Walt and I flew back to Houston to surprise her on her 50th birthday. "Shock" is more like it. When she saw us pull into her drive way and realized who was getting out of the car, she literally flew across the lawn, threw herself into my arms and started sobbing. It was the perfect surprise party.

Now she’s here going through a terrible court case with two other midwives and one of the doctors. She’ll be here for 3-4 weeks, and it’s nice to have a Princess in the house, especially one who does her own laundry and insists on cooking dinner for us every now and then.

with her dog, Chloe
(I love the juxtaposition with the painting!)

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