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Since my friend Lynn is now here staying with us, this seems an appropriate magnet to post. I bought this following a visit to Texas when the wildflowers were in bloom. I rode with Lynn and her husband from Houston to Austin. Wildflowers lined the highway almost the whole way. I was one of the most incredible displays of flowers I've ever seen.

Kitch, Texas Style
On that trip, I took Lynn and her husband to visit the Beer Can House in Houston.

We also floated under Austin's famous Bat Bridge when the bats were coming out at night.

Texas Trivia:

  • The 20 million Mexican free-tail bats from Bracken Cave, Texas, eat approximately 200 tons of insects nightly.
  • On September 8, 1900, Galveston, Texas, was the site of the worst hurricane to ever hit in the United States. (Lynn and I visited Galveston in July of 1999)
  • Chili is the official state dish of Texas.
  • The only radio station in the United States with call letters that spell out the name of its home city is WACO, Texas.
  • The state of Texas reportedly grows more roses than any foreign country.

The foregoing trivia came from Useless Knowledge.com

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8 January 2001

MQA has changed a lot.

MQA started about 10 years ago. My friend RoseMarie was going through a bad time. She was, at that time, the manager of the ob/gyn office where I worked (I later took her job, after she quit).

This particular night she said she needed to go home and drink "massive quantities of alcohol." She invited me to join her. I decided to make it a funny event. I went through the house and I packed everything I had with alcohol in it into a box -- everything from wine to rubbing alcohol -- and showed up at her house with all these bottles. We had a good laugh. We invited Lynn, who was a midwife in the same office where both of us worked (I was the medical transcriptionist), and we had a good evening. RoseMarie felt better at the end (and as I recall we didn’t really drink all that much).

After that we started planning regular MQA nights. The three of us would go out for dinner, either at Lynn’s house or RoseMarie’s house, or at a restaurant. We’d say we were drinking "massive quantities of alcohol," but the emphasis was always on the camaraderie and less on the alcohol. We all drank less and less as the years passed.

By the time Lynn moved to Texas, I had all but given up drinking entirely, but we still called it "MQA" whenever we got together.

In the last couple of years, we’ve kind of drifted apart. RoseMarie has a very full plate with far too many entanglements right now to make her accessible for MQA. And, of course, living in Houston is a pretty good deterrent for Lynn's running down to the local Thai restaurant for an MQA night.

But Lynn arrived in town this afternoon and it was time to revive MQA. She’ll be staying here with us (another guest for the Pepto Room!) for the next 1-3 weeks. So tonight we made plans to go back to the Thai restaurant where we’ve spent so many nights before.

Our old boss also called. He’s newly single and not busy tonight, so we invited him along. Then Walt arrived home earlier than expected from San Francisco (where he had gone to the opera), so he came along as well.

Lynn - Walt - The Boss - RoseMarie

It was great to have the old gang together again, even without massive quantities of alcohol. RoseMarie and I don’t drink any more, but the talk was still good and the camaraderie strong. It was fun reminiscing about old times, hearing the current gossip, and raking a few people over the coals. I’ve missed that sort of thing.

Earlier this afternoon, I attended the third of 3 plays for the weekend. Last night we went to San Francisco to see The Lamplighers new production of The Gondoliers. It was not an assignment to review, but the director, who is a friend, had done a new treatment and I thought perhaps I could get her some publicity, though I’d have to talk the entertainment editor into using a piece. But the new treatment didn’t work as well as I’d hoped and it seemed pointless to review it.

This afternoon it was the local community theatre production of Brigadoon. I’ve seen a few productions of this script (the movie several times, a touring Broadway production, a production that Paul was in, and the most memorable--an all-Chinese cast in San Francisco many years ago! Once you got over the idea of all these Chinese actors having names like "Angus MacTavish," you eventually could get into the actual story).

The show was better than I expected, but still very community theatre--with an absolutely abominable performance by one person. My review will mention that this actor played the part with a lot of enthusiasm. I will sidestep the fact that this person can’t sing, can’t dance, and can’t act.

And actually, the Chinese cast handled the accent much better!

It’s probably a good thing that we had planned an MQA this evening. After the afternoon at Brigadoon I think I was ripe for an evening of camaraderie and memories of massive quantities of alcohol.


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