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Survivor Journals

Bob of If I Die Before I Wake has invited nine journallers to participate in a Cyber Survivor Adventure.

Every couple of weeks, the group will be issued a "challenge entry". The site will post a excerpt from the challenge entries, as well as the link to the complete entry found on the journaller's own journal site.

After the challenge entry is posted, the nine journallers will vote one of the writers off the site.

The "ousted" journaller will actually remain on the site, but rather than posting further challenge entries, they will act as a judge and commentator.

The first challenge entry has been issued, and can be found at the Survivor Journal website. The actual entries should be completed by
October 1, 2000.

Please take the time to visit, especially once the challenge entries are posted. There is a message board to post your thoughts/comments and also a instant poll where visitors can vote for who they would want to see kicked off the site.

The reasons behind Survivor Journals are simple.

1. To try something new.
2. Increase the interaction of the journal community.
3. The challenge.
4. Increased exposure to all journals involved.

So take a look around, explore all the journals involved.

If you would like to take part in Survivor Journals, Year Two, let Bob know!


November 29, 2000

Bonnie, of The Chattering is talking about a Christmas wreath she just finished. I am remembering the days when I attempted to be creative. It’s been so long since I did anything more creative than dust off candle holders so I can put a half-burned candle on a dinner table that I forget those creative days of yesteryear. My friend Char and I decided we were going to make Christmas candles one year. We had wax from here to forever. We used milk cartons, ice chips, egg beaters, colors, scents, fun stuff to press into the candles. We ruined lots of pots and pans melting wax, and we tried to keep it from dripping on the toddlers who cried at our feet while we were exercising our creative genes. Everybody we knew got candles that year, I think. I also think we overdosed on candles. I don’t think we did that more than one year.

Those who hear me rail against sewing and ironing (I don’t think I can even thread a needle any more; Peggy had to sew a button on my coat when she was here because I not only wasn’t going to do it, but wasn’t even sure if I had a needle and/or thread in the house) will be surprised to hear that there was a period in my life when I actually took a quilting class. It was great fun. And I actually produced quilts for each of the kids that year. Everybody but Ned got a quilt that consisted of big squares on which I had pictures that the kids had each drawn. They alternated with blank squares and really turned out quite well. However, Ned’s quilt was my masterpiece. At that time Ned was in the throes of a huge love of Superman and he had an almost life-size poster of Superman hanging in his room. I took that poster and turned it into a quilt. It was just great and my quilting teacher was so excited about it. However, klutz that I am, after I got all the figure work done and went to put it on the backing, I cut the back too narrow and the end result looked botched. The figure is great, but the quilt itself was a big disappointment to my teacher. Ned loved it though.

My attempts at quilting petered out over time. The last quilting project I undertook decades ago was a Christmas wreath, made of swatches of material from some of the kids’ old outgrown clothes. For several years they loved to have me hang it up because they remembered the clothes and enjoyed picking them out. I doubt that they could remember the clothes now...and the cardboard back on the wreath has long since given up the ghost anyway.

I did decoupage for a time too, but that never really went anywhere. I’ve always wanted to be crafty. There was a period of time when I would buy books filled with craft projects to do. They always looked so easy and they were always so much more difficult than they appeared. I know a woman whose passion is knitting. She drives me nuts. She not only knits, but she spins her own wool. And her stuff looks store bought. You’d never know she had done it herself.

I went through a knitting phase too. I made two sweaters for Walt. One was so heavy he’s never been able to wear it (maybe when we move to Sweden. or Iceland). The other had a neck so tight he could barely get his head through it, and one sleeve was longer than the other. It makes me think of that old joke where the guy goes in to have a suit fitted and the sleeves are the wrong length and the shoulders were sewn wrong, but the tailor convinces him that if he hunches on shoulder up and walks with a kind of limp, it fits just fine, so he buys the suit and then as he leaves the shop, two women see him and one says to the other “Oh--that poor deformed man” and the other answers “yes, but don’t his clothes fit good?” Well, if Walt hunched his shoulders and leaned over to one side, holding one arm crooked a bit, the sweater would have looked great. Why he still has those sweaters sitting in a drawer, some 30 years later, is beyond me. Maybe it’s because he realized this was my last gasp at domesticity. And we weren’t even married at the time!

I did do a creative stint the years I was a cake decorator. I cringe to think of what the Health Department would have thought of my working conditions, but for about two years, I was really the only cake decorator in town, until the new bakery opened. Then I was their cake decorator for a few months until they finally got a professional in there. I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. But I always was terrified that I would drop the cakes. I finally quit doing it when the cost of ingredients went so high that I wasn’t willing to pay as much as I would have to charge for a cake just to cover my costs, and also when my eyesight started getting bad and I began to lose the strength in my grip. I was also bored with it. But it was nice in that it allowed me the chance to make the wedding cake for both Ned & Marta’s wedding and for Paul & Audra’s wedding. That was pretty special. 

Now about the most creative thing I do is design web pages. And even that has pretty much gone by the wayside since I started a journal and stopped designing my main web site. But I still do design web pages for other folks and that keeps the creative juices flowing. Slowly. Ever so slowly.

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