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Bob of If I Die Before I Wake has invited nine journallers to participate in a Cyber Survivor Adventure.

Every couple of weeks, the group will be issued a "challenge entry". The site will post a excerpt from the challenge entries, as well as the link to the complete entry found on the journaller's own journal site.

After the challenge entry is posted, the nine journallers will vote one of the writers off the site.

The "ousted" journaller will actually remain on the site, but rather than posting further challenge entries, they will act as a judge and commentator.

The first challenge entry has been issued, and can be found at the Survivor Journal website. The actual entries should be completed by
October 1, 2000.

Please take the time to visit, especially once the challenge entries are posted. There is a message board to post your thoughts/comments and also a instant poll where visitors can vote for who they would want to see kicked off the site.

The reasons behind Survivor Journals are simple.

1. To try something new.
2. Increase the interaction of the journal community.
3. The challenge.
4. Increased exposure to all journals involved.

So take a look around, explore all the journals involved.

If you would like to take part in Survivor Journals, Year Two (around Nov/Dec 2000), let Bob know!


November 7, 2000

I’d like to say I qualify as a jet setter, but I think that takes a real jet, not a Honda chugging along I-5. But there is still a bit of jet setting involved.

Monday night there was a “staged reading” of The Last Session in Los Angeles, at the theatre of which Steve’s husband Jimmy is the artistic director. It was a big deal. There is an attempt to get interest in turning the play into a movie and so there was a staged reading in New York last week, and this one here in Los Angeles this week. It reunited most of the cast which performed the show in Los Angeles, save for Stephen Bienski, who had done the role of Buddy in New York. Bob Stillman, who played the lead character, Gideon, on both New York and Los Angeles was just nominated for a Tony (but lost) for his role in Dirty Blonde. He was able to do the staged readings because the NY ones were in the afternoon, and the LA one was on a Monday night, when the theatres are dark in NY. He flew out just to do the show and was flying right back to do his own show on Tuesday night.

So there was a bit of an “event” involved in all this and I really wanted to be there. I arranged to spend the night with Pat, from our CompuServe group, and to go to dinner before the show with her (she was coming with me to the show), with Merrell from an old CompuServe group, and Ron, from The Last Session list. An interesting mix of folks.

I left here around 8 a.m. Monday morning and drove down I-5 with the CD player blaring. I didn’t have Peggy with me to feed me jelly beans when I looked sleepy or to insist that I get out and walk around before continuing. But I had Lawsuit and Steve and John Denver to sing along with and they kept me awake and moving. I got so caught up in my “auto karaoke” that I was surprised to discover I was driving 95 mph. Fortunately I realized that before encountering any highway patrol car.

When Peggy and I drove this route before, the valley was filled with fields of cotton and we stopped because neither of us had seen it growing before. Now the cotton is being harvested and the valley is filled with blocks of cotton waiting to be moved to the next phase.

I arrived at Pat’s house in time for us to have an hour chat before time to get ready for our evening out. We had a nice dinner and then walked up to the El Portal theatre. One of the neatest things was walking into the lobby of the theatre and finding Steve sitting there with Katie. I know Katie from Steve’s list and from her on-line journal It was wonderful to meet her face to face. She’s just as sweet as I knew she’ be.

The show itself was incredible. The MC for the evening was Charles Nelson Reilly, who stated that in his life he’d seen three classics: Charles Pierce, Mabel Mercer, and The Last Session.. The then introduced the cast of the staged reading (which turned out to be very much like a regular performance, but without sets). It was a very strong, tight performance, reuniting some of the actors who had performed the roles in Los Angeles. Fun to see them again.


Following the show there was a reception, after which Pat and I went home, I slept for a few hours and then, in the morning, got up at the crack of dawn so I could stop by Steve and Jimmy’s house (Steve made coffee...good Steve) and get on the road early enough that I could get home in time to vote.

The fact that the election is still undecided and that the gap between Gore and Bush in some states is in the hundreds of votes underscores the importance of every single vote! I waited up until 2 a.m. trying to see what was going to happen with the election, but here it is 7 a.m. and there is still no declared winner. What a very weird race!

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