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May 10, 2000

Do you have a "drawer" in your house? You know...the place where everything gets stored when it has no other home. I read a journal recently where the writer went through a drawer in his home. It inspired me to look through our "drawer." This is the middle drawer in our kitchen counter. For years whenever someone is looking for something small, the standard response is "look in "the drawer." Even though there are five drawers in that counter, everybody knows which drawer to look in.
This is the most important thing in "the drawer." The labels says it's an "Adult Perpetual Diary." Little did I realize when I bought it how true that was going to be. I bought it to be a book in which I would record the dates of everyone’s birthday. Each year, I take the book out and copy the applicable birthdates onto the new year’s calendar. I’ve been doing this now for over 30 years. The book itself is a tour through my life. I find the birth dates of people I worked with in the early 1960s, people now dead, people with whom I’ve had a falling out. Each name is a new story. And names continue to be added to my "perpetual diary."
potholder.jpg (20476 bytes) This is a potholder, long since past its period of usefulness. It is threadbare in the middle, scorched and in places there are holes. Why didn’t I throw it out? Well, it belonged to a good friend and it has sentimental value, so it goes in "the drawer."
RubberBands.jpg (28659 bytes) Rubber bands! Everybody needs ‘em. These came out of a larger bag, also in the drawer. We bought them when David was delivering newspapers. He delivered newspapers for 4 years, from about age 8 until age 12. He died 4 years ago, at age 24. But we still have the rubber bands. I loved it when David delivered newspapers. Often I drove with him on his route and it was a great time to be together early in the morning. I can remember the times that we would sit on the floor of the family room, at 5 a.m., putting these rubber bands around the newspapers, then loading them into the car and heading off on the route. Once David and Tom got snowed in at Lake Tahoe and I had to deliver the route myself. It nearly killed me. It’s impossible to find house numbers in the dark in Davis. What used to take David 15 minutes took me 2 hours.
This is a photo of Ned & Marta’s dog Bert, who died many years ago. The frame broke and I was always going to fix it. I can’t find the piece that broke off now. It’s probably somewhere in the drawer too. Bert was such a great dog. Ned had wanted a pug for years and they finally found this great puppy. Everybody loved him. What they didn’t learn until too late was that Bert carried pug encephalitis within him and when he was about 2 years old, at Christmastime, while Ned was flying back from Hawaii to be with his dog, Bert died. Now Ned and Marta have Yogi and BooBoo, two more pugs from Bert’s breeder, but as much as they love those little guys, they can never quite replace Bert. Bert is buried in our back yard, along with Ernie, Ned & Marta’s cat, and Toby, our dog.
The drawer is a trip down memory lane...the ribbon from a gift our Brasilian daughter gave us (it’s green and yellow, Brasil’s national colors), pills from some long-forgotten condition, souvenir spoons from a couple of trips, birthday candles from when the kids still lived at home and we did that sort of partying, a freeze dried coffee sample that someone gave us once (we don’t drink freeze dried coffee, so it went into the drawer). Oh there are practical things too--thumb tacks, staples, screw drivers, "frogs" for arranging flowers. Amazing how much stuff you can fit in one small drawer.

One of these days I suppose I’ll have to clean out "the drawer." But each time I start, I’m carried back to earlier days, happy memories, better times. Quietly I close the drawer and decide it’s too soon. I’ll do it tomorrow.

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