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May 8, 2000

I spent the early morning uploading a whole bunch of photos to Club Photo so folks could see the pix as soon as they logged on (also so our kids could see what we've spent the weekend doing!)

[2009 NOTE:  I no longer have a Club Photo account, so they are no longer available to see]

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(Just a few pictures I liked)

Walt and I drove first back to Sattui winery. We thought that since it was pouring rain, the crowds would be less, but wine tasters are a hardy crew, and there were even more people there than there had been the previous day (when it was sunny!). We went back to get some more of the mascarpone/basil torte and more of the honey mustard bread. Yumm!

Then to Bistro Don Giovanni, where the others were waiting for us. Some had gone to Mass, others had just gone to the Bistro. Concetta and her helper Nicole (and Nicole's husband Brad) joined us for this day.

We had a delighful brunch. The ravioli with lemon cream sauce were fantastic, the coffee great, and the strawberry shortcake sinfully delicious.

We said goodbye to some of our group here (Bill & Jeri, Gene and Audrey). The rest of us decided to go to one more winery--Monticello (that's pronounced "montesello" not "montecello"), a small privately-owned family winery. I think this was my favorite of the 4 wineries we visited this weekend. The tour was more personal, the guy took lots of time with us (and drank with us), and it was just more informal. Most of the bottling work done here is done by hand (especially bottling champagne). I loved that they keep their machinery sterile by running cheap vodka (see photo at left) through it (keeps the machinery from rusting; when time for bottling champagne, they replace the vodka with champagne).

We enjoyed a leisurely wine tasting, but didn't buy any wine here (well, Walt and I didn't). And then it was all over. We said goodbye to everyone, with plans to make this an annual event. We are in touch with each other through e-mail and see some of each other through the year, but this was the first time in a long time we'd all been together and I suspect we've started a new tradition.

Walt and I returned home in time for me to get some work done, and for Walt to pick his mother up at the airport. Tomorrow it's back to normal again.

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