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May 7, 2000

The morning began with Walt and me driving into the Sattui winery to visit their gourmet foods department, selecting our contribution to the planned picnic. We chose 3 different cheeses (hint: mascarpone torte with pesto is to die for!), a small loaf of honey mustard bread, some pretzels and dip, and, of course, a bottle of wine. Then off to meet the others at the Pine Ridge winery, where we did a tasting of 4 different wines (they charge $5 for the tasting but because Char is a good customer, we got it without charge). The wines were good and we ended up buying a bottle of the Chenin Blanc (Char bought a case).

Then out to be the very first customers to use their new picnic tables, where we had a lovely luncheon. The sun was shining and camaraderie was the order of the day. We ate and drank and laughed and had a wonderful time. About the time we were finishing lunch, the skies were turning grey as we headed off to winery #2--Silverado. This winery was established by Walt Disney's daughter and her husband and is one of only four family-owned wineries in the valley. I passed on the tasting here, but took a couple of tastes from Walt's glass ($2 for the tasting here). We decided to take the tour.

char and rich on the tour

It was raining by the time we left Silverado, but we decided on one more winery, Hans Kornell, which produces champagne. Here we had the fastest taste test in history. The guy poured glasses so quickly you had to chugalug in order to keep up with him. I don't know if his ploy was to get you to loosen up and buy more wine, but we did buy a case of their special reserve, so everyone would have one bottle.

We were all ready for a nap by this time (we're old, you know), and so all were planning to return to their B&Bs or hotels. We didn't want to drive to 30 minutes back to ours, so instead we went with Jeri and Bill to relax in their 28' mobile home, and to take a "power nap" while the rain continued to fall. By the time we woke up, it had stopped.

  At 7 p.m., we met the others at Misto restaurant in downtown Napa. A great assortment of Italian-type foods (I had lemon shrimp risotto). Jeri couldn't resist the temptation to call Heather (her daughter in law) from the table)


At the end of the meal, we had consumed lots of good food, had drunk lots of good wine, had spent lots of money, and were feeling very good about our day in the Napa Valley, and about life in general. We made plans to meet tomorrow morning. Some will go to Mass, others will gather at Don Giovanni for brunch at noon.


As I write this, Walt is snoring at my elbow, having gone to sleep, shaking his head that I would be so obsessed as to sit up writing HTML code in a motel room in the dark at midnight.

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