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[2009 note:  some of the photos for this entry were lost in the GeoCities purge]

May 3, 2000

It only took about 18 hours to get home from Baltimore. But let me go back to yesterday morning, first...

Melody has a lot of "wildlife" in her back yard. I sat there with camera in hand trying to catch some of the cardinals that nest in the neighbor's tree. Saw a lot of them, but the little buggers were too quick for me most of the time. I did manage to get a couple of pictures, but none as good as I hoped.

However, I had a wonderful time watching the antics of the squirrel who was trying to steal the birdseed. One little guy went through all sorts of contortions trying to steal the seed.

But eventually nature hour was over and it was time to say goodbye to Melody, get in the shuttle, and head off to Baltimore. The shuttle driver took all the backroads and what a glorious drive that was. All the dogwood was in bloom and I was very sorry that all the van windows had big letters on them because I would love to have taken a lot of photos.

Being in the airport was kind of fun. There were people from the march all over the place heading home. From appearance, or shirt, or poster or something we could all recognize each other and smiles would flash across the causeway or across the waiting room. It was like being part of a secret club and knowing the secret handshake.

Trouble started after we boarded the plane. First we had engine trouble in Baltimore and we sat for an hour at the gate while mechanics fiddled. Then we flew to Atlanta, where they couldn't seem to get plane into the gate for 30 minutes. It sounded like they kept trying to start the engine--it kept whirring and whirring and making awful sounds. Finally they pulled in, 40 minutes after my plane left for Sacramento. So I was put up at a hotel (terrible bed--I couldn't sleep) and flew to Sacramento this morning.

I was at the Atlanta airport at sunrise, which was glorious.

As it turned out it was a rare flight. First of all, it wasn't full--first flight with empty seats I've been on in literally years. I managed to have 3 seats all to myself. Secondly, we had actual food (such as it was) rather than a bag of chips or pretzels. And finally, it was the most turbulent flight I've ever taken. The flight attendants even had to stop serving until the plane stopped bucking. To my great surprise I wasn't nervous at all, and in fact actually went to sleep during the roughest part of the turbulence. When I woke up, it was sunny, clear, and smooth for the rest of the trip. Arriving in Sacramento was just beautiful, with the fields spreading out as a patchwork quilt beneath us.

Walt had to be in Sacramento for the day, so I was on my own to get to Davis. YoloBus runs a shuttle to the airport and for only $1, I was delivered within 2 blocks of the house, so getting home was effortless.

It was good to get home, to attempt to get caught up on e-mail, and to finally get a shower. I was feeling pretty grungy after sleeping in my clothes and not having a shower in the morning.

The trip was definitely worthwhile and memorable. Now, I have to attack the pile of work that accumulated in my absence!

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