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Hey, Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?

March 31, 2000

Heeeeeeeeere's Buddy!

At 3:30 this afternoon, I got a call from Audra's sister telling me that "my dog" was at her house, an hour and a half away, and so I got in the car and drove down to meet Buddy. He's a lovely little dog, very mellow, very calm, and the first thing he did when I sat at my desk was to crawl under my feet just like Benjy used to. I think someone told him that if he plays his cards right, he might have a home here. We're just in the "getting to know you" phase, but so far it's feeling good.

I was running at top nervous energy today. First, I got stuff in the bread maker last night so we could have fresh hot bread for breakfast,but forgot to hit "start" so all we had was a container of flour. Walt had eggs for breakfast.

Then we had another charge on our cancelled credit card. Stacey Eubanks (I’m printing the name in case someone actually has heard of these scummy people) ordered a plane ticket from Atlanta to California on our credit card, with travel taking place today. Actually, I’m surprised it even got to the point of my having to confirm or deny the charge, since supposedly the card was cancelled two days ago. But America West, bless them, called to confirm the charge and I told them emphatically that it was NOT to be confirmed. I sincerely hope that Stacey was on the plane and was met at the airport with security guards and hauled off to the nearest constabulary.

Then I worked at the homeless shelter this morning and that always gets my dander up. Talk about an exercise in futility. Pay attention now, kiddies and see if you can make sense out of this. The shelter was recently taken over by a new director, Debbie (not her real name). To her credit, Debbie was handed a mess and a Board of Directors that was about to crack down. So Debbie has had to jump in with both feet and try to meet all the deadlines, and make sense out of several years of chaos. The problem is that when you only work there once a week, as I do, the whole thing seems to horrendously frazzled. And Debbie is definitely not the most organized person in the world. I feel like each week I’m re-inventing the wheel. One week I spend the whole day designing forms that the next week are tossed out because they need slightly different information. Then I spend a whole day putting information into the computer only to learn that someone else came in two days later and screwed the whole thing up, so it all has to be done over again. I have the feeling that I’m the only one doing database input that has any inkling at all about the database program itself. Today I was taking information from the new forms (which I had carefully put in alphabetical order, at Debbie’s request, two weeks ago, and which were now totally out of order and had to be re-alphabetized in order to accomplish anything at all) and putting it into the database, but the database wasn’t picking up any information. It was just putting all the information on ONE file. Now I haven’t a clue if this is what has been going on for weeks and the other person who is doing this just didn’t notice, and thought she was getting the information put in or not.

I called the programmer and between us, we managed to do a bandaid patch so I could at least add information in a way that it would stick, but I have absolutely NO hope that when I go back next week it will be there. I have been working at this shelter for over a year now and don’t feel I’ve accomplished diddily. (I even got them a new working printer to replace the one that didn’t work and they have lost it!) It might very reasonably be asked why I continue to do this week after week, and I guess the only answer, other than I’m as crazy as everyone else is, is that for all I feel I do NOT accomplish, the staff seems to feel I’m of some value and I would feel guilty going off and leaving them in the lurch.

But I’ve also let the folks at Breaking Barriers know that I’m interested in the new program starting up, which would involve helping HIV+ and AIDS parents with care of their children. If that ends up taking place (still in the talking stages at present), then I may drop the Shelter and concentrate on helping with the kids. You can't go wrong helping kids.

When I returned from the shelter, I had lunch with a good friend of Paul’s, in town for a short time. We did the "Paul thing" and ate at Osaka Sushi, and then went out to the cemetery, where we talked and laughed and cried and remembered Paul and Dave. It was a lovely afternoon, if you have to spend it in the cemetery. Paul and David didn’t say much. We left them there when we finally came back home again.

And then came the call about Buddy. He and Kimba seem to be hitting it off all right. I did hear a little barking a bit ago, but nothing serious. Both seem to have settled down. Kimba is a little miffed that the gate is back up again. Until we discover exactly how house trained Buddy is, we will be confining him to the back part of the house.

I hope he does all right while I'm gone off to drive Priscilla in the morning.

Now I have to try to get all the typing I was supposed to do during the day done before I go to bed. I literally have had no time, what with work, errands, visiting, credit card fraud, and a 3 hour trip to get the dog, to even turn on the transcribing machine!

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