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Gay Kids

March 29, 2000

I guess we’re not going to become parents after all. Yesterday I had a note from a friend in another state. He’s a gay man who counsels gay kids. He’s been helping a teen aged lesbian from a conservative Christian family. Her family threw her out when they discovered she was lesbian, then took her back in, but denied her access to the computer and to the telephone, so she is no longer able to get any support. She is feeling suicidal. My friend feels she needs to get out of the home but doesn’t know where she could go. I told him we could take her in, but would only do so if it were done legally. We didn’t want to risk any charges of kidnapping.

I put him in touch with another friend, a gay judge who has also taken in gay teens in crisis, and he outlined the legal difficulties involved and the problems which could be expected. The upshot is that the girl must stay where she is now while they attempt to investigate other avenues of finding help for her. I’ve let it be known that we are willing to take her any time, as long as all the laws are followed.

I guess I just will never understand so-called "Christians" who would kick a kid out of the house for living as God made her. And yet it happens all the time. Is it any wonder that suicide is so high among gay teens? All those loving Christians who spout the Bible and use the code "WWJD?" ("What would Jesus Do?") Well, I ask them--what WOULD Jesus do? Would Jesus kick a kid out of her home because His father made her lesbian? Would Jesus call one of His father’s creature a "biological error," a "deviant"? Would Jesus kick, beat, spit upon, or murder one of His father’s creatures? Or would Jesus look at these so-called pious Christians and, as he did to the Pharisees, get angry at them for their hypocrisy? Would Jesus not take all of the children, gay and straight, into his arms and love them? Who among us is so holy that we know better than God? Who among us (other than Dr. Laura) dare tell God that He made a biological error? Who can, in good conscience, throw away a child?

I hear the story of this girl and I think of Bill Clayton, dead at age 16, by his own hand after some gay beatings, when he envisioned his life as one long gay bashing. What a terrible waste. Is this what Jesus would do?

I think not.

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