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March 28, 2000

I'm gonna have to get a more interesting life if I intend to keep a journal! Steve asked me to "dummy it up," and I suspect today's entry will satisfy him very nicely. One nice thing that happened yesterday was that I managed to be chosen for one of the "pictures of the day" on Africam

[There was an Africam Picture here]

Kind of a grisly looking picture--but it's survival of the fittest. Loved the flecks of blood on her muzzle (I must be watching too many of Ned's favorite movies).

Yesterday was Monday but I didn't drive Priscilla to her appointment. Instead I drove Martina to CARES. Martina seemed a nice person, but where Priscilla is always very chatty, I don't think Martina said 3 sentences on our whole hour together.

While Martina was having her lab tests done, I sat in the car and read Mark Childress' Crazy in Alabama, a book my friend Merrell bought for me. She said it was the funniest book she'd ever read. Well...I'm enjoying it (and I certainly will never look at Tupperware in quite the same way again!), but in addition to the funny parts there is also race tension, murder, race riots, discrimination. Some decidedly unfunny parts to this book, but it's definitely a page turner.

I spoke with a Davis Police investigator yesterday and reported our credit card fraud. I turned over the little evidence I had. I wonder what new surprises are waiting for us in this deal. It's a bit unsettling to discover someone has been walking around in your identity for a week or so.

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