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March 24, 2000

So I didn't make it to the grant writing workshop after all. I stopped off at Ned's playhouse and had so much fun, I just stayed.

BALL.jpg (101129 bytes)

When I arrived, Ned was putting the finishing touches on the decorations to the house--with balloons, little Christmas lights, and a big mirror ball.

It had been a successful day. People had been driving in all day with $20 donations, containers of coins and within 15 minutes, one person brought a $1,000 check and another brought a $500 check. Ned seemed overwhelmed by the outpouring of human generosity.

Ned also had his fans. Some kids came by and left this message-->

WeLoveNed.jpg (28677 bytes)

DENISE.jpg (52117 bytes)

One fan lived in the neighborhood and had been at the playhouse for three days.

A lot of The Arrow crew came out to party with Ned, including Maggie, the dog, owned by Staci Anderson, afternoon DJ.

ARROW.jpg (85699 bytes)

Everyone was so nice, and they offered me dinner, so I just stayed and watched the fun...and I finally got to meet Jennifer Doran, co-host of the morning show, and my email pal, who brought her cat Riley with her. JENNIFER.jpg (49094 bytes)

Ned and Jennifer

Best of all is how successful this stunt has been. It’s amazing. This all grew out of a Superbowl bet. If Sander Walker, The Arrow's morning host, had lost, he would have dyed his hair to look like one of Ned’s wilder looks, but Ned lost and so first he went homeless on the streets of Sacramento, which gave him an awareness of the plight of the homeless--and the pain in his feet made him feel that it would be worthwhile to raise money to buy shoes for the homeless. And out of that has come this week in the playhouse, and people coming from all over the area to donate $10,000 to buy shoes. Ned vowed to live in the playhouse until they reached the $10,000 goal--and he says that he thinks they may have hit that figure within four days.

It’s encouraging to know that people do care after all.

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