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March 21, 2000

Well...I thought today was a really productive day until a few minutes ago. I spent the entire day going through videotapes which have been unlabeled since 1996 and sitting in boxes (have I mentioned I’m no housekeeper?). But I got it done. Watched them enough to find out what was on them, made labels, numbered them, got them recorded in the database and then moved upstairs to the shelves I painted yesterday. At 5 p.m., I sat back with great pride to look at everything I’d accomplished.

Then I opened another box least 30 more videotapes!! Argh! Well--now I know what’s to be done tomorrow.

This morning I had my daily conference with Peggy, my friend in Australia. She recently discovered Africam, where you can check out several areas in Africa and see what (if anything is going on). I logged on to Africam at the same time and there we were, Peggy in Australia and me in California and we were both watching and commenting on the pride of lions we were watching in Africa. I love the Internet.

Today was a particularly good day for lion-watching and we got some terrific views. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to save the best one, but this was pretty cool:

africam.jpg (21761 bytes)

I just love the opportunities to peek around the world on various cams. I spent a lot of time on the San Diego Zoo’s pandacam after the birth of Hua-Mei, the new baby panda, before Mama decided she was ready to go out to greet the public. One night I sat there for half an hour and watched the mother panda playing with her baby. It was so incredibly sweet.

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