December 31, 2000

I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions. I’m the sort of person who breaks them before lunch on January 1. But it’s a new year, a new millennium (really the new millennium, all the hoopla of last year notwithstanding), and there are things I’d really like to accomplish in the coming year, so I’m gonna put them down.

Of course there was that little diet thing I tried a few months ago, thinking that going public with it would help keep me on track probably didn’t. I did lose about 20-25 lbs, and have gained it all back. So frustrating.

But let’s give this new year’s resolution thing a try.

1. Design a new look for Funny The World.
I'll be working on that. I had hoped to have it up by January 1, but that ain't gonna happen.

2. Work with Walt on our finances
I’ve been very fortunate for the past 35 years that Walt has taken over handling our finances. I’ve let him. Before we got married, I was terrible about money, and it was very comforting to have someone who would take care of it for me. But I’ve realized that if he gets hit by a bus tomorrow, I’d be one of those silly wives who haven’t a clue what we have or how it’s organized. I’m a grown up now and it’s time for me to take the responsibility to inform myself about our finances.

3. Declutter
Yeah. Right. I can hear chortling all over the globe. But I’m serious. Nowhere in my wildest dreams do I imagine that I will ever get this house uncluttered. If I live here to age 150, I will never have it decluttered. We’re both "savers" and "scavengers" and we both have problems throwing stuff away. But even with that, there are some things that can be tossed. It’s time to start going through piles and deciding if I really am ever going to look at, much less use such-and-such ever again. If the answer is no, out it goes. I’ve actually started doing that already, though even with the sacks of stuff I’ve tossed, it’s still impossible to see that I’ve done anything. But if I give it a bit of time each week, I should be able to make some sort of a dent in the next months.

4. Get Serious about Writing
This journal has been a wonderful ego-booster for me. I don’t have a huge list of readers, but those I do have (about 60-100 of you) have been very complimentary. A few entries have been won diarest awards, which is a great affirmation that I can put words to screen. I’ve been hired to write theatre reviews and the feedback has been positive. I really want to try to get serious about submitting things for publication somewhere. I’m armed with "The Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles" and advice from friends and I’ve already made a start, submitting a couple of short pieces. They’ve had initial positive feedback, so hold he good thought. I want to do more of that in the coming months.

5. Keep up with work
In the last few months, I've become an even worse procrastinator than I have always been. I've put a big push on in the last couple of days and am caught up, finally. I'm going to work on keeping caught up.

6. Continue walking program
This means getting back on track again, walking an hour at least three times a week (more if possible). And also, along with that, forget the diet, but just start eating more sensibly. I’ve shown I can do it. Let me show it again.

7. Bite the Bullet
It's time for a full physical. I haven't had one since I left work and I'm way overdue. I hate it that Kaiser makes you stand on a scale in the middle of all the activity and announces your weight to the world, but it's time I do it anyway.

8. Especially for the house
Oh, I don’t mean get rid of the dog (though that is a tempting suggestion), but apparently my olfactory senses are dead because I’m not aware that the house smells of dog. Steve was the first to point it out to me. I went and asked other friends, and they all tell me that they’ve been uncomfortable letting me know. I know. So it’s time to work on getting rid of the dog odor. Of course I’m not sure how I’ll know if it’s gone or not, but I’ll do my best for ya, Steve.

9. Continue to let the people I love know how much they are loved
It’s the thing I try to do all the time anyway, but make a renewed effort to let people know that no matter what happens in our lives, they are loved and cared about.

Walt and I will spend New Year’s Eve here in Davis with people we’ve known the longest (hosted by the psychiatrist I work for). It’s generally a low key evening, with music and camaraderie, hot soup at midnight and then home before 1 a.m.. January first will bring a new year open for change, improvement, and following dreams.

At midnight, hold those you love close in your heart and may all our dreams come true in the year to come.


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