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Survivor Journals

Bob of If I Die Before I Wake has invited nine journallers to participate in a Cyber Survivor Adventure.

Every couple of weeks, the group will be issued a "challenge entry". The site will post a excerpt from the challenge entries, as well as the link to the complete entry found on the journaller's own journal site.

After the challenge entry is posted, the nine journallers will vote one of the writers off the site.

The "ousted" journaller will actually remain on the site, but rather than posting further challenge entries, they will act as a judge and commentator.

The first challenge entry has been issued, and can be found at the Survivor Journal website. The actual entries should be completed by
October 1, 2000.

Please take the time to visit, especially once the challenge entries are posted. There is a message board to post your thoughts/comments and also a instant poll where visitors can vote for who they would want to see kicked off the site.

The reasons behind Survivor Journals are simple.

1. To try something new.
2. Increase the interaction of the journal community.
3. The challenge.
4. Increased exposure to all journals involved.

So take a look around, explore all the journals involved.

If you would like to take part in Survivor Journals, Year Two, let Bob know!


December 7, 2000

FOG1.jpg (46813 bytes)The valley is experiencing heavy fog right now. Flights are being grounded, rescheduled; traffic is moving more slowly; newscasters urge caution and cluck sadly over drivers who continue to race at speeds greater than the limit when visibility is so poor.

There is something very cozy about fog. Especially thick fog. I was out in the fog today. I went for a walk with a friend out through the hills and to a lake. As I drove to her house, I stopped to take photos of the heavy fog.

FOG2.jpg (64694 bytes)I guess it’s having grown up in San Francisco, where fog was a way of life. I have always felt very safe in the fog. It’s a comfortable place to be. I love being out in fog and seeing that the objects in front of me are obscured, hidden, trying to penetrate through the fog to make out the shapes.

We had a lovely walk and a great talk. So nice to be out in the country, away from the sounds of the highway, the fog around us, nobody else in sight, and just talking over the big and little events of life, solving the problems of the world.

FOG3.jpg (55135 bytes)We walked to a lake, and then partly around the lake, watching the ducks swimming in the distance, disappearing into the fog. We climbed a hill, the leaves crunching under our feet as we walked. The fog had lifted a bit but sat on a distant hill. The air around us was grey, in sharp contrast to our spirit, as we walked, enjoying the easy camaraderie that we’ve always had.

When the walk was finished, we went into town and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Then we drove through the old part of town, looking at the old mansions, standing tall, their turrents poking up into the fog.

We passed a park, where the local fire department was conducting some practice maneuvers, dragging their hoses out onto the fog-covered lawn.

I dropped her back at home and we made plans to see each other again soon.

I drove off into the fog again, thinking about how terrific it was to be out on an official "walk" again. I thought about the fog and how pleasant it had been.

By the time I returned home, the fog had lifted. I decided the only thing more beautiful than the comforting fog is when the fog lifts and suddenly everything is sharp and clear and sparkling in the sun.

It was a very good day.


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