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April 30, 2000

Well, today was a kind of quiet day--and all that no-sleep/travel caught up with me. We hung around the house in the morning and then in the early afternoon met my Compuserve friends Heidi and Kande at a vegetarian Chinese restaurant for lunch (amazing how good the food was--the crispy sweet sour eggplant was particularly fantastic, as were the cilantro spring rolls).

We went with Melody's friend Ester, who is from Trinidad and a real character. I liked her a lot.

And then we drove home. I was nodding off in the car, so Melody suggested I take a nap. As usual, I resisted, but finally decided to lie down for a bit. I woke up an hour and a half later, climbed groggily upstairs, sat on the couch, fell asleep again and woke up an hour later, when Melody was arriving home with dinner!

We had dinner with Melody's son Todd and her daughter Tiffany and Tiff's boyfriend Fred (pictured above). All went surprisingly smoothly. Fred is admittedly homophobic and I was wearing my PFLAG shirt; he also is adamantly of the opinion that Elian Gonzalez should not return to Cuba. I knew both of these things, but chose to let Fred take the lead in the conversation, and neither subject came up. Better, I think!

After dinner we watched a pointless movie ("Random Hearts" with Harrison Ford), and I decided to turn in early for a change ('cause I'm so sleepy from all that napping!). Tomorrow I hit the streets with a million queers in "the largest gathering of perverts in our nation's history," according to the odious Fred Phelps. The big question is, of course...will I ever find "my people" in all that mass of humanity! At least they should mostly all be friendly.

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