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April 22, 2000

Pardon me if today’s entry sounds like a page from The Road Trip but it’s been that kind of day.

I was too sleepy to finish the typing the previous night, so got up at 4:30 a.m. and worked until 6, when I finished the report. By 8 I’d found a number to FAX it to the appropriate people, and eventually I was showered, dressed, and in the car (yet again) headed this time for the San Francisco airport (a 2 hr drive) to meet Jeri, who was arriving from Boston. I had told her I would probably be late, so she should bring a book to read.

Though I hit lots of pockets of heavy traffic, I was really only 20 minutes late, but when I arrived, I couldn’t find her anywhere. I found the right luggage carousel, but no Jeri. I tried to contact the SFO paging number and stood on the white courtesy (a misnomer if ever there was one!) phone for 20 minutes waiting for someone to answer the bloody phone. Finally someone did come on and managed to whisper out a page for Jeri. Thank goodness she heard it. I’d been by this time waiting an hour at the luggage carousel while she was waiting an hour at the gate. Apparently I hadn’t seen the e-mail she’d sent telling me where she was going to wait!

Anyway, we finally got back to the car and left to drive 40 miles south into the heart of Silicone Valley to pick up Nora, the 71 year old Irish cousin, who was riding back to Davis with us. I love Nora dearly, but I didn’t realize until I was in Santa Barbara that the family expected us to host her. I had left Davis on Tuesday with the house in disarray and had been home all of about 5 waking hours, most of which were involved with getting a frantic report transcribed. Nora was going to have to make do with the mess.

We drove from Silicone Valley to San Rafael, and encountered pockets of rush hour traffic Silicone Valley itself, going through San Francisco, on the Golden Gate Bridge, and driving through San Rafael. But finally, about a bazillion hours later, we arrived at my mother’s and learned that she, too, was going to come with me and would be spending the night here.

From San Rafael to here there was I-80 rush hour traffic (folks headed out for the Easter weekend in the mountains, I guess, since ski resorts are still open). Finally we got here, gave Nora the "tour of the Sykes memorials of Davis" and then arrived at home. My mother whipped up an instant spaghetti dinner so Jeri could get something to eat before she had to rush off to the theatre to rehearse for the Plaza Dedication tomorrow.

I’ve finally tucked the older generation in bed, the younger generation is off for god only knows how long and if I quickly post this sorry excuse for a journal entry, I can actually get some sleep myself. I’ve had a whopping 3 hours of sleep since I returned home from Santa Barbara last night.

I have no clue how tomorrow is going to go. It’s really the end of the public displays for Paul. I’ll be so glad to just have it all over. But it will be emotional too, because they are going to run a videotape of his last show and that will be hard to watch. But lots of folks are coming in from out of town for it and it will be a wonderful tribute to him. Then, please God, let’s let him and his brother finally rest in peace.

JAMESON.jpg (83349 bytes)
Nora, Walt & Jeri enjoy spagetti and Jameson Irish Whiskey

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