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April 12, 2000

DOGSGO.jpg (54039 bytes)The girls and the dogs are still here. It ended up being a quiet night (except for Jeff peeing on the stairs) and we even decided to leave them all alone while the three two-legged animals went out for breakfast.

After we returned, Chris (left) and Audra decided to take all the dogs up to Lake Berryessa for the day. It gave me the whole afternoon to get some work done, with no dogs at all in the house, and not worrying about entertaining Chris and Audra either. (Naturally I didn't get as much done as I hoped. But at least I cleaned up the kitchen.) I don't expect the dogs to give us any problem at all tonight. They came home absolutely exhausted, and Kimba's little sausage body is really limping--she hadn't had that much exercise in her life. I expect them all to sleep all night.

DOGSLEEP.gif (16504 bytes)

And no, I didn't get the shower tiled while the girls were asleep last night. I told them they'd have to use our bathroom for their shower today.

The room which has always been called "the kids' bathroom" (though no kids have lived in this house for years) is in a sad state of disrepair. Most important are the tiles which fell off the wall years ago, leaving the sheetrock exposed to the shower water. We do not do house repairs precipitously. It takes us a few decades to really think about it. In the meantime, Walt rigged up a plastic sheet covering over the wall which, at the time of Paul's death, had mildewed quite badly and was also ripped, though mended with the ever-ready duct tape.

My friend Lynn, bless her heart, flew in from Houston when she heard of Paul's death. She arrived bringing Lime-away, wine, and hugs. She put the wine in the fridge, gave us all hugs, and then told us to leave her alone while she cleaned up. She spent an entire day in the bathroom, scrubbed fixtures that had never been scrubbed, and replaced all the vinyl (if she'd had the time, she would have retiled the bathroom too. She's "that way.") This got us through a week of out of town guests and we were most grateful.

But it's a year later and the wall is crumbling, so we've just put a "do not use" sign in the bathroom. It's obviously coming up to crunch time. Peggy is flying in from Australia in a couple of months to spend six weeks here and it's unrealistic to think of three of us sharing one small bathroom.

Now, I'd like to think this is something I can do. I've watched Christopher Lowell. I've been inspired. I know about crown molding and merchandising and all that stuff. Some time ago, armed with this confidence, I set about turning what used to be a kid's bedroom into a guest room. Christopher says "be bold with color." So I went bold with color. The rug, left over from the days when Paul wanted everything to be either red or black, was red, so I tried to find something that would work with a red rug. We found some shades of pink and I mixed and matched, lighter for the ceiling and two walls, darker the other two walls. "Are you sure about this?" Ned asked, as he prepared to paint the room for me. "Yes!" I declared confidentally.

The room has since been nickamed "The Pepto Room."

Ok. So it's pink. Big deal. Just wait till I merchandise. I did what Christopher told me and rummaged around the house for "things" I could add to the room. I worked all day. We'd go with Teddy bears. I had lots of them. I put them decoratively everywhere, I found an old vase and bought artificial flowers. I found an old scarf and draped it over an old basket I found under the grocery bags in the laundry room. I used boxes to vary the heights of things. I worked myself into a sweat. I could do this! Christopher would be so proud!

At the end of the day, I stepped back to survey my work and my heart sank. It didn't look decorated. It looked like some little kid had left his toys lying around. I realized with a heavy heart that Christopher could have stood at the door and thrown junk into the room and it would have looked better than what I'd managed to create in a whole afternoon of carefully arranging levels and angles and what-nots.

So the room has remained just The Pepto Room. And the bathroom still needs tile.

Maybe Peggy would like to sleep in a motel...
(just kidding, Peggy)

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