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April 2, 2000
(did you remember to set your clocks ahead?)

I’m writing this at 1:20 a.m. standard time, which is really 2:20 a.m. Daylight Savings time. I should be in bed! But I wanted to get this written before I sleep so everyone can see it first thing in the morning, before returning home.

Yesterday was a fun day. After months of planning, changing dates, etc., Tom was finally able to gather us all together in one spot for the yearly "AQ&D" party (check out the photos in the AQ&D album on Club Photo). "AQ&D" stands for "Aquarians and Dad." We are topheavy with start-of-the-year birthdays and some time ago we decided to lump all the January/February birthdays into one party (that would be Paul, David, Alice Nan, me, and Walt...and, after Paul married, Audra as well). Most of us are Aquarians, but Walt, February 26, is a Pisces, hence "AQ&D."

My mother provided the location and Tom had been up two nights ago stuffing manicotti to bring up. He’s such an incredible cook! I am a good cook; Tom is a gourmet cook. I love to have him fix a meal for me. Poor Tom was hampered by the death of his girlfriend’s grandfather earlier in the week and attending the funeral the day before he was scheduled to drive up here. I’m sure it’s been quite a roller coaster of a week for Tom. No wonder he looked exhausted.

Tom was already there when Walt and I arrived, and shortly after, Norm and Olivia pulled up bringing NORA!!! Nora was last here in about 1989, the year after we first met her in Ireland (she’s Walt’s mother’s cousin). She never thought she’d ever be back in this country again, but she flew over to help her French "daughter" following the birth of her second child (who was born just yesterday morning). It was absolutely wonderful to see Nora again.

Within minutes of their arrival, Ned and Marta came around one corner, while Alice Nan and Grandma Sykes pulled into the parking lot next to Norm and Olivia. I can’t believe we all arrived on time and so close to one another!

We enjoyed a lovely visit, hors d’oeuvres and, for those who drink, drinks (I was so thirsty, I stuck to water). Nora brought photos to show us and we got caught up on all the news on both sides of the pond.

Dinner was delicious. Tom’s manicotti (a pan of chicken and two pans of sausage) were delicious, Ned’s garlic bread was good, the salad was tasty, and the cake even included Paul and David’s names on it.

CAKE.jpg (78356 bytes)

The dinner table was the usual riotous affair. I don’t know what it is about this group, but we never laugh as much as when we are all together. It was the thing both Paul and David commented on more than one occasion that they loved about our family. I got a little teary at one point thinking how much they would have enjoyed the banter. We even managed to sound like a David Gerrold forum conference for awhile there, while we were tossing about names for each other (Tom always refers to himself in any number of ways from "Tommy Salami" to one of my personal favorites, "Tommy Dali Lami," as well as a host of others. Marta was complaining that the only thing that ever rhymed with "Marta" was "retarda." Tom started coming up with a bunch of names like "Marta deal the carta," "Marta ride on BARTa" and a lot more. There’s not a neck of a lot you can do with "Bev," thank goodness.

Not many presents to open, as this is always more a card-giving occasion rather than a gift giving one. And we got some cute cards, which were duly passed around. My mother also called Jeri and everyone got a chance to talk with her.

Nora and Alice Nan went to spend the night with Norm and Olivia, Tom stayed at my mother’s, and we brought Walt’s mother home. Walt has gone to bed and I’m sitting here in the middle of night trying to get this silly diary written, just so Nora can see it and the pictures before she returns to the home of the newborn baby and doesn’t have a clue how to access the Internet.

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